Excerpt alert!!

Yup, peeps...you know what the Snoopies mean. Suz News! She just posted an excerpt from Hot Pursuit - coming to a bookstore near you on July 28th.

What are you waiting for?? Go forth and be creeped out!

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Friday funneh...

Heh. Wanna see more? Go HERE!

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Review up at TGTBTU

Swim forth and read it!


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Memorial Day

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.
~Benjamin Disraeli


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Wanna know what some of my favorite things are??

And the favorite things of a bunch of people? Swim on over to the Pond and take a look. ;-)

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Guess what Saturday is??

Heh. ;-)

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Where have I been??
Yes, I know I've been missing in action from here and from visiting my peeps online (I've been on Twitter, I swear, just not as much). *hangs head* I'm already the world's laziest blogger but I've been bad, even for me. BUT I have good reasons for my distractions - visual evidence:

First came the hail -

See that big piece of hail? It's actually a bunch of small pieces all clumped together - I've never seen hail like that before! And I still haven't taken my car to be checked (because, of course, I was driving home from work during part of the hail storm).

Then came the lighting (which encountered one of my trees) -

(ignore the funky pinkness, my camera has a weird sensor that will be replaced soon)

Which led to -

And then, just when things were mostly taken care of (insurance adjusters finished, tree cleaned up, roof estimates in, etc.) - TORNADO!! Okay, probably straight line winds associated with a tornado, but still...

Final count - two of my trees down (one of which landed on the corner of my neighbors' house - but they had at least two of their trees on their house, too, poor things. My tree was the least of their problems. Plus, one of my back neighbors' trees hitting my fence.

So, my peeps, you can see why I've been distracted. >.< Add in a family wedding shower and a visit from my mother and you get even moar distraction! But things are mostly calm now - yard cleaned up again, roofers still scheduled to come in a couple of weeks - so I should be back to the regular neglect of my blog, visiting all my peeps I haven't been visiting and finishing the reviews I've started.

What's been going on with everyone else??

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