Not quite a slump but...

...almost. I'm fighting it, honest! It seems like January is the month I most want to re-read old faves rather than read stuff from the mountain. I don't know why - I'm just weird like that, I guess. ;-)

Anyone else have a strange reading cycle?


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A reminder...
...for any Torchwood fans (or anyone who wants to become a fan). Tomorrow night is the premiere of season two on BBC America (only slightly behind our British friends this time).


Now back to cleaning. What's the opposite of w00t?


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Zipping by...
1.23.2008 the components for my TV/DVD/stereo/cable box arrangement are slowly finding their way into my house. That means I will be neck knee deep in audio/video components and the last of the Christmas stuff this weekend. Yikes! The boxes...I fear the toppling!

Since I've got nothing, I'll leave you with a LOLcat for your amusement - speaking of, did you see over at the Smart Bitches blog that our Cheezburger friends got a book deal?! That is so full of win and awsum!!

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Words with meaning...
...years later:

"...Let us rise up tonight with a greater readiness. Let us stand with a greater determination. And let us move on in these powerful days, these days of challenge to make America what it ought to be. We have an opportunity to make America a better nation."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 3 Apr 1968

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Hey audio-book fans...

As part of my vacation planning, it occurs to me I need a few audio-books tucked away on my iPod. So, help me out, peeps - suggestions, please!


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The List!
Okay, peeps, after searching through my unread books in ReaderWare, I have my list of 12 books that have been lingering in my TBR too long. Here we go -

1. Susan Andersen - Getting Lucky
She is an author I used to read and then stopped for some reason so...

2. Jo Beverley - An Arranged Marriage
I love JoBev's Malloren series but I haven't been able to get into her Company of Rogues series. This is the first Rogues book and I started it once and put it aside. The set-up for the main plot squicked me out (our heroine's virginity is gambled away and the winner's friends get him drunk and lock him in the room with her. I don't think he is the person who actually won her but they gave her to him. Obviously, she was not a willing participant. *shudder*

3. Marsha Canham - The Pride of Lions
Love her pirate books! And this series is supposed to be excellent. If it is, I'll have to pace myself...she is on a break from writing, although rumor has it she might be coming back soon.

4. Judy Cuevas - Bliss
Ah, Judy...wherefore art thou?? No new book in ages and an extremely hard-to-find backlist.

5. Barbara Freethy - The Sweetest Thing

6. Virginia Henley - The Pirate and the Pagan
Campy classic, yes?

7. Laura Kinsale - For My Lady's Heart
I love her stuff but haven't been able to make myself tackle this one.

8. Lynn Kurland - Star of the Morning
I know this one just came out last year but it is the beginning of a series and she is one of my favorite authors so...

9. Judith McNaught - either Perfect or A Kingdom of me out, peeps. Which one??
I'm not the biggest McNaught fan, I'll admit, so I'm not sure which one I should have in this challenge. Opinions, please.

10. Pamela Morsi - Garters
Another missing-in-action author. I've read most of her backlist but this one was lingering.

11. Nora Roberts - Born in Fire
I think I have mentioned that, as much as I love the In Death series, the books La Nora has written under her real name are very hit-or-miss with me (mostly miss). But this trilogy is in the mountain so here we go.

12. LaVyrle Spencer - Hummingbird
Another old fave of many.

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How about this??

So, check out Jennie's new challenging idea. I say it's inspired and I'll be picking my 12 books this weekend. W00t! I'll post my list after I make my selections, of course.

Later peeps!

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The planning continues...
1.12.2008, we have our cabin reserved and I've move on to looking at the available excursions. Of course, there are problems to address. *sigh*

One of the things we were looking forward to the most was the stop in Rome but, as I look at the calendar, we will be in Rome on a Sunday. Rats! This causes all sorts of issues with our possible tours - first of all, Sunday is when everybody gets out to see stuff. Busy, busy, busy. Then, in the description of the tour that (initially) sounded best, it says on our cruise, the visit to the Vatican Museums will be replaced by something else, due to it being the last Sunday of the month (very busy time at the Vatican, apparently). Drat! We wanted to see the Sistine Chapel, for crying out loud.

Still, there is another excursion that will let us see all sorts of cool stuff - the Colosseum, the Parthenon, the Forum, etc. So, that's okay. And if we have to visit Rome again, so be it. ;-)

Then I notice that we will be in Florence on a Monday - AGAIN! The last time we were in Florence it was on a Monday. Why is that a problem, you wonder? Because practically all the museums are closed on Monday! Double drat! We wanted to see David (the real one) in all his nude-ness!

Again, I explored the other options and I think we are headed on an excursion into the Tuscan countryside. Doesn't that sound pretty?

I'm still digging through the other options for the other ports. Has anyone been to Barcelona?? Any must-sees? What about France's Provence region?

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Guess what I've been doing!

Yup, starting to plan this year's vacay. We're looking at a Trans-Atlantic cruise this time. W00t!

Otherwise, nothing much going on...just trying to get back in the swing of things with work, etc. Blah.

Any excitement around??


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Did you know...
...that it's Man Love Monday?? Go check it out at lisabea's and sula's. ;-)

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We have a cover...

...but no word on plot yet. *sigh* Any guesses, peeps??

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2007 by the numbers

Well, I didn't do the best job ever of keeping track of my reading in 2007. I completely lost track of re-reads but I know there were many! Still, here's what I came up with on the first-time reads:

Total books read: 98 (A bit low for me! Remember, there were lots of re-reads.)
Historicals: 30
Contemporaries: 21
Categories: 8 (How can that possibly be right?? Wow, do I miss the Temptation line or what?)
Paranormals: 19
Time travel: 2
Other (Fantasy, Mystery, etc): 18
Re-reads estimate: 35
New-to-me authors: 8 (a most excellent year for new authors - Celeste Bradley, C.L. Wison, Laura Lee Guhrke to name a few)

I didn't keep track of the DNFs either but I know there were a few. I usually manage to avoid those by paying attention to what everyone else says, though. :o)


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