Well, my little elves...
...it's about that time! I'm in the midst of great packing, getting ready for my trek north to the 'rents for the holidays. Yikes! It's a good thing I sent so much with my mom last weekend. My little Rav wouldn't have held everything, otherwise.

I won't be around much (dial-up land, remember) but I'll do the rounds when I can. Probably very late at night. :o)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or your winter holiday of choice) and a Happy, Happy New Year! I'm so glad I started cruising around the blog-o-sphere this year - it's been so much fun!

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my favorite fellas:

Image owned by Coca-Cola Inc.

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To all those who celebrate...

I'm a little late in posting but I had a good shopping day!



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The plan for the weekend...


That will be all...thank you for your attention. :-D

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Guess what??
A little bird said that today's somebody's birthday so...

Happy Birthday AMES!!!

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Just a quick post to say...
...YIKES!! Has anyone actually noticed my countdown thingy?? It's only 19 days until Christmas!! I have shopping that needs to be done!

In other Christmas-y news - today was my office party. Whee. As part of the festivities, we played corporate double-speak bingo. :-D Guess what I won??

Oh yeah, Belgian truffles! That made the afternoon worthwhile! *doing the truffle dance*

Anybody else have festivities to
suffer through...I mean, enjoy immensely soon?


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The fruits (well, cookies) of my labors...
Guess what I did this weekend??

It doesn't look like such an impressive effort in the picture but I baked 6 kinds of cookies and packaged some up to ship off tomorrow. I'll pack up some more tomorrow, probably. I'm tired of looking at cookies!! LOL

What did everyone else accomplish this weekend? :o)

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