Which should go in the "Patience is a Virtue" section??
Take a gander at the fabulousness:

Foster Fangirl Society or Foster Fangirl Society

So, which should go in the "PiaV" section over on the right, peeps? The official cover (on the right, in case you were wondering) or the super-cool version on the left (from the creative mind of Bree)??

Also, if you haven't already read Skin Game by Ava Gray aka Ann Aguirre - why haven't you?? That's where you meet BatPunisherMan and get intrigued by his BatPunisherManliness.

You know you're curious, peeps. Go check it out! Do eeeet!

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Most excellent news!
So, according to a post I saw on Karen Marie Moning's Facebook account, it seems that ShadowFever's pub date has been moved from December 28th to December 7th. Yay yay yay!!!

Do you know how long I've wanted this book, peeps?? Since I finished DreamFever right after I got back from vacay last fall. All the Fever books are cliffhanger central, for those of you who don't know.


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Guest post over at the Book Binge
The ladies over at the Book Binge are spotlighting Suzanne Brockmann and you know I loves me some Suz, don't you, peeps. So, of course, when Rowena asked me if I would do a guest post the answer was a great big YUP.

Go forth and read my brilliance silliness, if you dare (LINKAGE). And check back in all month for other Suz spotlight stuff.

Maybe if we all think positive and clap our hands, Holly will change her opinion of all things Suz? Okay...nah, that isn't gonna happen. But the rest of us can enjoy and torment her with the fabulousness of Suz! :-D

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Hoppy Easter!!

Greetings from ye olde homesteade (aka The 'Rents house)! I hope everyone is having the same gorgeous weather we're having and has a fabulous Easter weekend.

I know I've been missing in action - you know how things build up because they have been put off and put off and put off? Yup, that's where things have been at my house. *sigh* However, things are slowly getting taken care of - take that To Do List - so I should be able to get back to semi-regular blogging (and review-writing, Sybs, I swears!) soon.

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