Review up at TGTBTU

Go forth and READ IT, why don't you?

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Hot Pursuit review up at TGTBTU

Clickety HERE!

I don't get to combine by Snoopies and my duckies very often so it's a red letter day, peeps!

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Just a quick note...

...because I'm the worse blogger ever!

Sorry, peeps! I've been visiting blogs and Twittering, though. So most of you know I'm around. :-D My mom's headed to my house for a visit, so I'll be missing again.

Let's see, what have I been reading? I am halfway through Blue Diabolo (courtesy of the fabulous Bree - half of Moira Rogers, for those who don't know...Donna is the other half and also fab) by the fabulous Ann Aguirre - very, very good. I had to put it aside temporarily because I got an advance copy of a most coveted book. Heh. Before that I tried to read Christine Feehan's most recent Drake Sisters book but I had to put it down - too dark for my mood. I might try it again later...and skim my way through the dark parts. Disappointed. I enjoyed Julia Quinn's newest - a fun, quick read. And I'm enjoying Alyssa Day's Atlantis series.

In other news, this is the first season I have watched So You Think You Can Dance and I am loving it! Why wasn't I watching before? Also, I can't wait for the Torchwood mini-series to start on BBC America. I loves me some Captain Jack! Design Star starts back up on HGTV tomorrow night and that should be fun. Otherwise, TV is pretty dead right now.

Let's see...oh, I know! For those of you still not on Twitter (*coughAMEScough*), let me tempt you with stories of Twitter contests and giveaways. In the last few months, I've snagged at least 3 or 4 books. And two were advance copies (very advance)! Plus we're fun! We're friendly! You'll see lots of familiar faces around. Don't you wanna come play, peeps? Of course you do! :-D

In other news, if you haven't heard Holly's news go here and read all about it. :o) RWA coverage abounds - you can read all about it at Kristie's blog, the Smart Bitches site, over at Katiebabs' blog and a dozen other places (including all over Twitter). Next year I am going!

I haven't been to see the newest Harry Potter movie but I'm going soon. I did see UP and Star Trek - both were excellent! I'm looking forward to The Ugly Truth, too. ;-)

Well, that's it for now. I keep promising myself I will do better with posting but I am full of fail. Still, I persevere. :-p

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Review up at TGTBTU

You know you wanna go READ it, peeps.

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Review up at TGTBTU

Go forth and READ it! It's the patriotic thing to do.

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Happy Fourth of July!!

I'm at the 'rents - visiting with family, eating lots of yummy food and hoping for some good fireworks! I hope you're doing the same, peeps. :o)

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Happy Canada Day!

You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you my Canadian peeps? ;-)


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