Well, peeps, it's about that time...

...the packing is almost done. I've weighed my checked bag and everything - 45 pounds. Excellent! I had to cut back on the books I was taking, though. Not enough room. :o( Hopefully, the ship library will have some interesting things.

At least this shouldn't be an issue -

Depending on the rates and speed of the internet access on board, I'll try to check in. Usually the connections are SSSSLLLLOOOOOWWWW, though.

I'll be back in three weeks with pictures and stories!! Until then, try to stay out of trouble. ;-)

Later, peeps!

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North and South
So, you may recall I won a copy of North and South from Kristie J. I finally watched it Sunday - Friday was crazy so I had to postpone my viewing. Blah.

I really enjoyed it! :o) Did I love it to the degree Kristie loves it?? Maybe not - but, really, does anyone love it as much as she does? LOL (((Kristie))) I'm playing!

Other than my occasional struggle with the northern accent (apparently my frequent viewing of the first season of Doctor Who didn't help as much as I would have thought), it was lovely. Very atmospheric and romantic without romanticizing, if you know what I mean.

It was touching and uplifting and educational and sad and heartbreaking and happy and a whole lot more. I would recommend it to anyone who's on the fence and wondering if it is worth checking out. Yup, it is. :o) I found myself wondering about locations - especially the cotton mill. Do they really have one sitting around somewhere that they could go film in - with all the old equipment?? Maybe a museum or something. Surely nothing still in use - yikes! But, if they don't have something around somewhere, can you imagine the difficulty in making one from scratch and getting it authentic? Impressive!

What was the best thing about it??


Add me to the list of Crusaders, Kristie!

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