Somebunny's silly...
After visiting CindyS's blog (and being horribly jealous of her winning an autographed copy of Claiming the Courtesan), I decided I should post my favorite Easter cartoon.

Here you go, peeps!

(Yes, I know Cindy's bunnies are funnier...shut up!)

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Something looks different...
...since I've been using the new 'puter (I will remember to call and check on the iBook tomorrow!!), I've noticed that my blog looks different in IE (stupid Vista...I can't load Firefox). On my Mac, my header and box titles are in Zapfino but they don't show up that way on Toshi...I just see this boring font. Blah. :o(

What does Zapfino look like, you ask?? Ta-da!!

Just a bit of Windows weirdness I happened to notice.

In other news, in case you live under a rock and haven't heard the new Harry Potter cover has been released. Look to your right and you'll see it in the "Patience is a Virtue" section. :o)

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Finally back!!

So, I bought a new computer...yeah, yeah...I know I didn't need one, exactly. But it's taking forever to get my iBook back and my PC is a piece of JUNK! It will only start up about once a week. Anyway, I decided if it had been one TV in the shop and the other one only turning on once a week, of course I would get a new one(reasoning with myself, you know) - so after my mom and I went to the mall and the bookstore today, we went to Best Buy and I got a new Toshiba laptop. If anyone has any horror stories about Toshiba's keep them to yourselves for a little while. It has Vista loaded on it and ask me how much I hate much!!! It's like they took all the bad stuff about Windows and multiplied it! One good thing about the new laptop (I believe I shall call him Toshi), is that it is widescreen. I'm liking it!

In other news, I finally read Lover Revealed. I haven't read any of the reviews online (no computer, remember? - plus I didn't want spoilers). I liked it. I had wondered how she would keep Butch around and now I know. Not a big fan of Marissa, really. She was a bit boring and we didn't get to see much of her growth, etc. It was very much Butch's book and no one else's. I'm really glad V's book is next. ;-)

***ETA: So, I read a bunch of reviews and the biggest thing I learned?? Xhex is pronounced SEX! I was just reading it as know, she has V and Z so why not? I would never have thought it might be pronounced Sex or Hex. Oh, and I agree with the people who gave it a B (in case you don't read the comments or read via a feed of some sort, etc.). :o)

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Still missing...
...DARN IT ALL!!! So, yeah, my iBook's in the shop getting its new brain. Naturally, this would be the time my PC (you may insert your own full definition of that acronym here) becomes even more temperamental than usual. Grrrr. Today is the first time it would actually turn on all week (after much kicking and pounding by yours truly). Double GRRRRR!

Anywho, I'm surfing around while I can (I can't at work...stupid firewalls) and even if I don't post and say hi on your blogs, I've zipped by. :o) I miss my peeps!!

Oh, speaking of's that time of year!! I love them so!


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Off we go....
...into the land of dial up! Speeding along, northward I go! (Not that I speed, thank you.) Sing it peeps!!

Anywho, I'm off to visit the 'rents - it's their 50th anniversary this weekend. W00t! Amazing, sez me.

I'm taking Butch home with me, btw. :-D

Then, on Monday, my iBook must go back to the shop. I've decided to go ahead and get the hard drive replaced while it is under warranty - before anybody starts being rude about Macs ("so they're not so perfect after all"...this is not the hard drive it came with it originally. I needed more space (vacation pics take room, peeps) so I got a bigger one and, apparently, it's a dud. Hey, it happens. At least it's free. :o)

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

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My take on Sugar Daddy
So, I finished Lisa K's Sugar Daddy earlier today. Since this is a new direction for her, I thought I would offer my thoughts (even though I'm not really big on reviewing). The word that most describes Sugar Daddy is different. It is such a departure from her historicals that I'm not sure where to begin.

Some random bits of info - the book is written in first if this is not your thing, be warned. We meet our narrator, Liberty Jones, as a 13 year-old and follow her life's ups and downs (mostly downs) until she is 25 or so. Time for another warning - this is a slow moving book. She is a teenager until well past the halfway mark. Liberty has a whole different vibe than Lisa's historical heroines. I can't put my finger on it, exactly..she is just so good and earnest from the beginning to the end of the book. There aren't big life changing realizations for her along the way...she's basically the same all the way through. One last warning, if you expect to see a lot of development in the relationship between Liberty and her hero (no spoilers here), you'll be disappointed. There is development just not a lot.

I think the biggest surprise with Sugar Daddy was how Women's Fiction-y it seemed, as opposed to Romance-ish. And I think that will be the hurdle fans of Lisa's historicals will have to get past to enjoy her contemporaries (if she continues to write them in a similar vein).

So, finally...was Sugar Daddy what I expected? No. Did I like it? Yes, after I got used to the different feel. Will I buy her next contemporary in hard cover? Maybe. Am I excited about Cam's book coming out this fall? OH YEAH! ;-)

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So, I went to my Waldens at lunch today, in hopes of finding Butch. Alas, no such luck. However, what did I spy sitting on a high shelf near the door??

Woo hoo!!

Also, I found Visions of Heat, My Favorite Earthling, and Atlantis Rising. W00t!!

Guess what I'm doing this weekend!!

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