Finally back!!

So, I bought a new computer...yeah, yeah...I know I didn't need one, exactly. But it's taking forever to get my iBook back and my PC is a piece of JUNK! It will only start up about once a week. Anyway, I decided if it had been one TV in the shop and the other one only turning on once a week, of course I would get a new one(reasoning with myself, you know) - so after my mom and I went to the mall and the bookstore today, we went to Best Buy and I got a new Toshiba laptop. If anyone has any horror stories about Toshiba's keep them to yourselves for a little while. It has Vista loaded on it and ask me how much I hate much!!! It's like they took all the bad stuff about Windows and multiplied it! One good thing about the new laptop (I believe I shall call him Toshi), is that it is widescreen. I'm liking it!

In other news, I finally read Lover Revealed. I haven't read any of the reviews online (no computer, remember? - plus I didn't want spoilers). I liked it. I had wondered how she would keep Butch around and now I know. Not a big fan of Marissa, really. She was a bit boring and we didn't get to see much of her growth, etc. It was very much Butch's book and no one else's. I'm really glad V's book is next. ;-)

***ETA: So, I read a bunch of reviews and the biggest thing I learned?? Xhex is pronounced SEX! I was just reading it as know, she has V and Z so why not? I would never have thought it might be pronounced Sex or Hex. Oh, and I agree with the people who gave it a B (in case you don't read the comments or read via a feed of some sort, etc.). :o)

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At 12:31 AM, Blogger CindyS

I was wondering where you were - I thought an ibook was an e-reader. Yep, I'm hip ;)

Lucky you getting a brand new computer but I think I would lose a laptop at least twice a day!

Okay, now you can go read my review of Lover Revealed - me, not so happy.

Glad you're back!



At 3:25 PM, Blogger C2

Oh Cindy, an iBook is an e-reader and a whole lot more! :-D Does it help that they are called MacBooks now?? LOL

I read your review and lots of others (thanks to Sybil's roundup) - I think I agree with everyone that gave it a B. It wasn't my favorite so far but it still left me wanting the next book. What more can an author ask?


At 9:39 PM, Blogger ames

Ok, the people I ordered my laptop part from gave up. They can't find it. And guess what kind of laptop it was? TOSHIBA. LOL My one piece of advice is get a cooling tray to put the laptop on.

I had to buy a new computer too, but a desktop. :P


At 5:31 PM, Blogger C2

Ames - didn't I say to keep the horror stories to yourself for a while?! LOL

Our IT at work said that Toshiba was fine. There used to be an issue with proprietary parts but that it's getting better now.

Besides, this is just a fill in for my iBook. It doesn't have to do much. Yup, that's me...the queen of low expectations. ;-)

So what kind of desk top did you get? Does it do lots of cool stuff?


At 9:57 AM, Blogger ames

It's supposed to be the best kind of computer for photography, videos, any kind of digital media. I don't know. As long as I get on the internet, I'm fine. LOL