Just a bit of Suz news...
...since the newest newsletter came out today. (You don't get Suz's newsletter, you say?? Take yourself hither and sign up!)

From the newsletter:

I'm currently writing a Troubleshooters Christmas novella, with a release date of October 30, 2007! (Yes, that's a mere two and a half months after the August release of FORCE OF NATURE! A double dose of the Troubleshooters in 2007!)

Yeah, baby!

The details of the novella are vague (because Suz is mean like that) but here are a few of the bits she is willing to share:

When a popular Troubleshooter gets married, what was supposed to be a
low-profile ceremony for family and friends snowballs into a thrill ride featuring a nosy reporter, a dashing personal assistant, and a stalker determined to claim the object of his obsession.

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