Notice anything different about me??
Yup - I've been switched over to Beta Blogger or no-longer-Beta Blogger or whatever. It probably would be a bigger deal if I weren't a Mac person. However, since I am, all those cool, see-how-easy formatting things the new Blogger has don't work for me. Blah.

In more important news - I've read the first KEEPER of the year! W00t!!

SEP did her usual fabulous job with Dean's story! Was there any doubt?? You know I don't really do reviews, so I'll just say this - if you have enjoyed her other books, you'll enjoy this one. It will leave you with a smile as you read the last page. Is there higher praise than that? I don't think so. :o)

Another good recent read (look away Ames):

I think Lora's writing is getting much stronger. There has been real growth in her plotting and characterizations since the beginning of her career and the move away from ebooks has given her a chance to go more in depth and offer more detail...that's almost always a good thing. :o) Other than a few nitpicky things (like, how did Clint become a SEAL if he joined the Army at 17???), it was an enjoyable read and a good addition to the series. Still, the fact that he was a SEAL seems more like a plot device than anything else. Kind of like she needed to think of someone who would be fearless and good at beating people up, etc. and didn't really look beyond that. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Suz's SEALs. :-D

Well, that's it for my 2 cents. Later peeps!!

PS: If anybody has any difficulties, now that I've been switched over, or if anything looks funny or whatever, let me know.

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At 8:46 PM, Blogger ames

LOL C2-I looked!

I am consoling myself with the fact that I have a few Lora Leigh's on my 50 books list. (Mind you, a few are ebooks trapped on the broken laptop.)

Your blog looks fine to me.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger C2

Ames - I knew you couldn't resist! LOL :o)

You need to get the laptop fixed, chickie! Can't you hear the ebooks calling?!


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Jennie

I'm glad to hear you liked Natural Born Charmer! It seems to be getting mixed reviews. I just picked up my copy from the library. :)


At 12:18 PM, Blogger C2

Jennie - you know, I haven't seen much about NBC one way or another, which is surprising. So many people were looking forward to it and now it's out and...nothing. Maybe I'm not surfing to the right places. :o)

It wasn't a huge departure for her or anything...but why should it be? It fits in very well with her other books in the series - what more could I ask? And every so often there is a bit a phrasing or description that just made me think "Yup, this is why she is a mega-bestselling author."