Happy Halloween

...peeps! ;-)

Watch out for goblins and ghosties, enjoy the candy and go read All Through the Night!!

Photo found on Flickr via Google.

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Beach pics
First, a sunrise pic - taken by my mother 'cause you know I wasn't up at any such ungodly hour!

And next, a view of the beach from our balcony - taken by me at a much more reasonable time of day. ;-)

I didn't do a lot of reading but I listened to almost all of the audio version of All Through the Night. It was excellent! I finished it last night. If you have been wanting to try an audio book, try this one - it's short (8 hours, unabridged) and the reader was awesome! He (Michael Holland) is a singer/actor who had never done an audio book before (more info about him can be found at Suz's website).

Speaking of ATTN - it's out today! Do you have your copy yet??

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My top books!

Yup, I managed to finish ranking them while taking a break from the sun (I don't want to get crispy, after all). I won't post the whole list but I did manage to drag out 100 - and I submitted them all just because it might help in the overall count.

So, without further ado, my top 50 (I did okay to about the 35 mark and then it was a struggle):

1 Kurland, Lynn Stardust of Yesterday
2 Brockmann, Suzanne Hot Target
3 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Heaven Texas
4 Crusie, Jennifer Welcome to Temptation
5 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Lady Be Good
6 Brockmann, Suzanne Force of Nature
8 Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dance with the Devil
7 Beverley, Jo My Lady Notorious
9 Beverley, Jo Devilish
10 MacGregor, Kinley Born in Sin
11 Chase, Loretta The Last Hellion
12 Curtis, Sharon & Tom The Windflower
13 Kinsale, Laura Flowers from the Storm
14 Kurland, Lynn The More I See You
15 Quinn, Julia The Duke and I
16 Robb, JD Naked in Death
17 Foley, Gaelen Princess
18 Gibson, Rachel True Confessions
19 Joy, Dara Mine to Take
20 Kleypas, Lisa Devil in Winter
21 Medeiros, Teresa Breath of Magic
22 Davis, Justine Lord of the Storm
23 Davis, Justine The Skypirate
24 Brockmann, Suzanne Letters to Kelly
25 Brockmann, Suzanne Gone Too Far
26 Chase, Loretta Lord of Scoundrels
27 Crusie, Jennifer Faking It
28 Gibson, Rachel See Jane Score
29 Kleypas, Lisa Dreaming of You
30 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Fancy Pants
31 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth It Had to Be You
32 Kleypas, Lisa Lady Sophia's Lover
33 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Match Me If You Can
34 Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Natural Born Charmer
35 Dodd, Christina A Well-Favored Gentleman
36 Holly, Emma Menage
37 Kenyon, Sherrilyn Fantasy Lover
38 Kleypas, Lisa Worth Any Price
39 Owens, Robin D. Heart Thief
40 Adair, Cherry Kiss and Tell
41 Brockmann, Suzanne Over the Edge
42 Holly, Emma Strange Attractions
43 Gracie, Anne The Perfect Rake
44 Crusie, Jennifer Bet Me
45 Brockmann, Suzanne The Unsung Hero
46 Ivory, Judith The Proposition
47 James, Eloisa Pleasure for Pleasure
48 Moning, Karen Marie The Dark Highlander
49 Skye, Christina Hour of the Rose
50 Ward, JR Lover Awakened

I haven't done the breakdown by author or genre or anything yet. I think I will, though. I'll update later.



The breakdown of the 100:
By author -
Brockmann, Suzanne - 6
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - 6
Kleypas, Lisa - 5
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - 4
Crusie, Jennifer - 3
Feehan, Christine - 3
Kurland, Lynn - 3
Medeiros, Teresa - 3
Quinn, Julia - 3
Sizemore, Susan - 3

By genre:
Contemporary - 28
Historical - 46
Paranormal - 19
Time Travel - 3
Futuristic - 4

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Beach bound, baby!
Well, we're off tomorrow morning (my mom, two aunts and I) to Florida for a long weekend. W00t!! I don't know what the internet situation will be...the last condo had DSL but sometimes we're stuck with the dreaded dial-up. So, if you don't see me around, just picture me somewhere around here:

Later peeps!

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So, as I think I mentioned, I'm headed to the beach for a long weekend. We are leaving Thursday morning. However, on Wednesday night, my mother and two aunts arrive at my house - which one aunt has never visited. So, sure, I'm in hyper-cleaning mode because I'm a procrastinator. And then, what arrives in my mail box today?? Yup - the audiobook for All Through the Night. It shipped early! Dang it!!

The plan, originally, was to order the audio book (I had a coupon) and then go pick up the book at the mall on release day. Because, normally, I never get anything early...at least, not if it's something I really want. But, hey, this is okay. I can resist the call of the audio book. What?! Yes, I can! Shut up. If I had a copy of the book sitting in front of me, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from reading but I can do this. Really. Shut up.

Oh, and did I mention that I have ATTN in my hot little hands?? You know what that means don't you? 'Cause I think you do...

I'll be scarce for the next week or so, most likely, but I'll try to check in.


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Help a peep out!

So, in preparation for a long weekend at the beach (yup, I'm a traveling gal), my mother needs recommendations for suspenseful romantic suspense. She doesn't like to immediately know whodunit but she isn't big on blood and guts and gore and she doesn't like paranormals or things that are "silly" - for example, she considers the Stephanie Plum series too silly. What can I say? She's an odd little thing. ;-)

I'm headed to the UBS Monday afternoon so suggest away, peeps!

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Holding pattern...
...yup, I know I promised a book report on the stuff I read while I was away but it's not ready (which is sad since I don't do reviews so, really, all I need to do is figure out what I read and type a bit off the top of my head). Perhaps I should say I'm not mentally prepared to do it. Blah. Hasn't this week been a month long already?? And it's only Tuesday. *sigh*

Anyway, to provide some entertainment, how about some lolcats? ;-)

Want more? Go on over to ICHC....you can even submit your own.

Later peeps!

PS: Remember, AAR's Top 100 poll is open til the end of the month. I'm trying to pull mine together, although I doubt I have that many to list. I'll post them here, too, since I doubt the poll results will match my list. ;-)

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I am so it!
Ames tagged me for the desktop grab meme that's going around - and for the big scoop and instructions, surf on over and read them...lazy?! Moi?? Why, yes, thanks. Anyhoo, now that I'm back in the land of Wi-Fi, I can post mine. I apologize in advance for the boringness that is me. At least I'm seasonal!

Yup, dull. With the iBook, I've never let my desktop clutter up (my work desktop is just sad). For a long time I didn't have anything on it - everything could come up from the dock. Hmmm...maybe I should try to do a screen cap with the dock showing.

Here we go -

Still boring but doesn't it make more sense now? No?? Whatever. ;-)

I'll post more about my adventures later. Dinner calls.

ETA: I'm back! My mom and my aunt and I had a lovely week of shopping and roaming. Did you know that Macy's has lots of stuff on clearance for $2.99?? Like the formerly $99 skirt my mom bought and the formerly $89 pants my aunt found. Cool! We love the bargains!

Also, we visited the Newport Aquarium and visited the fishies and penguins and otters. I LOVE penguins! And aren't otters some of the cutest critters evar?

The leaf peeping was disappointing - no color change. Blah. And the weather was bizarre - when we arrived on Monday, the high for the day was in the 90s. The high for the day on Thursday?? In the 50s! I'm ready for summer to be over but it could leave a bit slower, I'm thinking.

That's it for now! I'll post the week's book report later in the weekend.

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It's beginning to look a lot like...
...a long weekend! Woot!!

While you're pondering suggestions for my newly romance-reading friend, I am headed north to visit with the family next week (time off - yeah, baby!). So I wanted to take a moment to wish all the Canadian peeps a fabulous Thanksgiving! Have some turkey for me, please. :o)

And to all the American peeps, Happy Columbus Day (and if you don't approve of Columbus Day, Happy Fall Break)!

I don't know how much I'll be around...shopping is hard work, you know. But I'll pop in when I can.

Later, peeps!

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Suggestions welcome...

So, I'm trying to bring a work friend over the the dark side - reading romance. :-D She's a big reader but she concentrated on mysteries and thrillers mostly. I've already hooked her on the Stephanie Plum series and Harry Potter (OMG did she blow through those books fast!). Now I've moved on to romance - and she asked...sort of. She was talking about all the stuff she had been reading lately was beginning to wig her out. Too many serial killers and people being hacked into itty bitty pieces. Eek! So I combed through the Keeper Closet and dug out an assortment of goodies for her to try. I stayed with contemporaries (with a few paranormals thrown in for fun) to see how that goes. Among my selections for her:
Heaven Texas - ooooh...Bobby Tom!
Welcome to Temptation - Tucker for mayor! More of the same!
Fantasy Lover - ancient Greeks, curses, vengeful gods=fun :o)
Dark Lover - you feel me, peeps?
The Unsung Hero - how could I leave out Suz?

She loved Heaven Texas - yay! And just started Welcome to Temptation.

So, my lovely peeps, here is my question for you: what are your suggestions for introducing her to historicals? Again trying for a variety of sub-genres. A Loretta Chase, a Laura Kinsale, a Jo Beverley, a Julia Quinn...???????

Suggest away!

Credit where credit is due: cartoon found here.

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O RLY?!!?!?

So, peeps, do you consider Harlequin/Silhouette stuff "erotic pulp"?? Because our friends at NPR do. Click --->here for the more. Yikes.

In other news:

Yup, I'm right there with you ICHC. Mundayz are teh pleh.

ETA: Polling starts today over at AAR for the 100 best romances EVAR. I'll add linkage in a bit. Here you go, peeps! Clickity-click!

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