I am outta here!!

<<< And headed somewhere around here!

I'll check in when I can!

Later, peeps!



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Avast ye there mateys!

In case you be a lily-livered land lubber (and live under a rock) - today be Talk Like a Pirate Day!! Arrrrrrrr

In related sea-faring news, my mother and I are getting ready to head off on a Mediterranean cruise (hey! I heard that muttering over there...). WOOT! We leave Thursday afternoon but things will be busy between now and then so my online time will be limited. I'm taking the iBook and there is internet access onboard so I may be able to sneak in a quick update somewhere along the way (we have a couple of whole days at sea).

So everybody be good (or don't get caught being bad) and I'll be back in a few weeks!

Oh, and go see Mad Ethel for some most excellent pirate books! Or you have to walk the plank!! Nobody wants to walk the plank, me hearties! It's worse than keel-hauling! Arrrrrrrr!

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Another find!
I finished Slave to Sensation earlier today (after just starting it last night). It was EXCELLENT! I'm so glad! Since I was part of the viral blogging attempt to get people interested in it, especially. LOL I'm still not a review writer but I'll do bullets. Here goes:
       Genre: Paranormal
       Is it a genre you enjoy?: Yup :o)
       Is this a new-to-you author?: Yes
       Will you read this author again?: Yes! A sequel is coming in the Spring!
       Will you recommend this book to others?: I believe I currently am.
       Did you like the cover?: It was okay. I don't really like people covers but at least this one was monochromatic and subdued. If they must put people on covers I prefer not seeing faces...but that's me.
       The good: I liked the way Sascha's character development was handled. It could have been difficult to follow but it really wasn't. I also liked that Lucas was alpha (literally and figuratively) without being obnoxious and overbearing.
       The bad: Nothing really...the bad guy was pretty easy to spot but everything else was so interesting, I didn't care.
       Overall grade: A

In a side note - someone mentioned in their review (sorry I can't remember who) that there was a lot of sex in the book and seemed to think there was too much (unless I misread and, if I did, I apologize). I guess there was a lot of sex but I didn't think there was too much. It didn't get in the way of the plot or slow the development of the characters - that's the only way there can be too much sex, if you ask me (oh...unless it is poorly written...that's just sad). ;-)

Any opinions, gentle readers?

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Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain...
...as I continue to tinker. Like I don't have a zillion other things I should be doing!!


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Alert the media!!

According to a poster at Suzanne Brockmann's bulletin board, at a recent signing Suz said Jules' book will be after Force of Nature (her next book - coming next summer). So, if that's true (see me trying to not get TOO excited), that means we might get Jules' story in 2008! Woo hoo!!

Who is Jules?? Well, gentle reader, according to Suz's downloadable Reader's Guide, Jules is (with a few small edits to lessen confusion) an "FBI agent. An openly gay man, Jules puts the fabulous in FBI. Quite possibly the funniest, sweetest guy in the world (and enormously popular among readers—see poll results)." The guide has lots more info about him, of course. This little bit doesn't begin to explain how fabulous he is or how much readers love him. :-D

I'm soooo excited!! I may have to find a countdown clock, if someone else confirms the info from the BB (see - still trying to not get TOO excited).

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Have I mentioned...

...that I am a Mac person?? Because I am! I mean, yeah I have to deal with PCs at work and I have one at home, too...the one at home mostly gathers dust, though. Why, you ask? Because Macs are so much cooler!! :-D And my Mac is an iBook so it sits with me on the sofa (my main surfing spot).

Anyway, today at Macworld there were several new product announcements - and that's always fun! Including iPod Nanos in colors (I'm not linking to every separate thing...take yourselves to the Apple homepage and surf on!) - kind of like the Minis were - and a redesigned Shuffle that is TINY!! So very cute! I may be forced to add it to my Christmas list (if I can ignore the fact that I already have a Mini and a Video iPod). :o) Speaking of the Video iPod...now you can get games for it at iTunes! Including Bejeweled (I LOVE Bejeweled)!! And PacMan and Mah Jhongg. Nifty!!

See, I have more interests than just books...I do LOVE me some gadgets, too!

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Coming Attractions
**Edited (again) to add** Still tinkering but I kind of like the dark background and the dots. It's better than the pink, anyway!

...since I'm in a bit of a slump (I mean, honestly,how do you follow Z??), I thought I post about the books I'm looking forward to the most between now and the end of the year (YIKES! It's the middle of September already!). So [fanfare] here they are:




So what's everyone else looking forward to??

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Another bigger happier sigh...
...so I finished Lover Awakened. Oh so excellent!! Isn't it a lovely feeling when a much anticipated book really delivers and meets (or exceeds) your expectations? :o)

Since I continue to not be a reviewer, I will only say that I think Z's growth throughout the book was handled very, very well and I'm so glad Bella wasn't a wimp!

Now I face the dilemma of deciding what to read next...it will have to be something completely different, of course. I feel a Regency coming on...something light and frothy.

Speaking of frothy - I tried Arby's new orange cream milkshake today. Very tasty! It's like drinking a Creamsicle!

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Home again...
...I'm back from the wilds and reading Z's book. :o) I'll post more about it after I finish.

In the meantime, while I was away I finished reading The Perfect Rake and Heart Quest. The Perfect Rake makes me want to use phrases like "sparkling banter"...but I won't! I will say it is so nice to find a new author that I really enjoy! I haven't found someone new to glom in ages!! And Heart Quest was excellent! Robin never disappoints! I really want a Fam!! Isn't it a shame we don't have them here??

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