Sad but true...

From our friends at ICHC comes GraphJam. Check it out, peeps!


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Oh yeah!
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I finished the scrapbook last night - 86 pages (43 front and back)! W00t!! That makes it about 3 1/2 inches thick. Yikes! Hmmm...I should weigh it. ;-)

In other news, CindyS is finally trying to get back into Suz's Troubleshooters books. Go visit and be encouraging. :-D

Speaking of Suz, we're a month away from the release of Into the Fire! More yay!!

Anything exciting happening, peeps?

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Or should I say goodies?? I won the Karen Rose contest over at Book Binge. :o)

Thanks ladies!

Oh, btw - the scrapbook is about 3/4 complete at this point so I am rocking with the plan. Double yay!

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Friday the 13th...
6.13.2008 seems like as good a day as any to descend into *dun dun dun* the Scrapbook Zone. *screams heard in the distance* Heh! (I think I have about that much paper, by the way - scary!)

I'm having a hard time getting into the proper mood for it but I've started, at least. I've got everything scattered all over my kitchen table and have done the first few pages. I'm trying to get it finished in time to take it to work, etc. before I take it home over the Fourth of July weekend - that's when my mom gets custody of it. :o)

Sorry, fingerpainting will be required (at least, I hope not). LOL

What's everyone else doing this weekend??

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Hot off the presses...and a bit more.
So, in today's email I got Suz's newsletter, in which she updates us on all things Suz-ish. Wheee!

Anyhoo...due out on July 22 is -
INTO THE FIRE is former Marine and Troubleshooters Incorporated operative Vinh Murphy's long-awaited story. Murph is the operative whose wife, Angelina, was shot and killed in HOT TARGET (I know, I know, how could I do that?!), but he's finally back. Although, the trouble that seems to follow him around (he's survived both a car bomb and a gunshot wound) is still just a few steps behind him...

And also announces that the next book (she's writing it now) is due out in February 09 *W00t!* and is tentatively titled "Dark of Night". She doesn't say whose book DON is (because she's evil like that) but she does say
...I'm pretty sure you'll know who this book is about when you read INTO THE FIRE. DON starts on the same day that ITF ends. 'Nuff said....

Oooooh...shall we speculate?? Probably not Izzy because he hasn't suffered enough yet. Maybe Lopez?? Or Decker - do we think she will really hook up Decker and Sophia??? I would prefer not but that's me. Or maybe one of the other Flashpoint people - like Dave (and Sophia, maybe?)...

In book shopping news - I got Susan Grant's Moonstruck (love her!) and the latest crack fix JR Ward's Lover Enshrined. ;-) I will remove them from my sidebar tomorrow.

And I'm currently reading At the Bride Hunt Ball by debut author Olivia Parker. I'm enjoying it! There is the occasional anachronistic bobble (my pet peeve...let me show u it) but I've seen much worse from NYT bestsellers so it's fine. If you like Julia Quinn or Suzanne Enoch or Sabrina Jeffries, check it out says me. :o) Gosh, isn't the cover horrible?? It's like Avon wants people to pass right on by the shelf without even picking it up. It's like an idea gone horribly wrong...I like the box at the bottom with the title and the author's name - invitation like, no? - but the couple is beyond icky. Yikes!

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