Review up at TGTBTU

My review of Julie Anne Long's Since the Surrender is up.


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I know it will be hard to tell...
...since I'm the world's worst blogger, but I'll be missing in action for the next little bit. My mom is coming on Friday and will probably stay the week so I'll be distracted. And probably sore from playing Wii games - my mother is a cutthroat player, FYI.

Try to stay out of trouble while I'm away, peeps.

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Review up at TGTBTU

Wanna know what I thought of Stephanie Laurens' Mastered by Love? Sure you do!

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I have the bestest cyber-friends in the whole world!
Look what Ames gave me (and other really cool peeps) today!

Awww...I feel so special! ((((ames))))

Now, who shall I share the love with? I believe Stacy and Holly should be awarded, too. They're a couple of my favorite peeps! :o)


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The countdown is beginning!

Yes, soon it will be vacation time - well in a month and a half! Woo hoo!! \o/ The reservations are made, the excursions are booked and the packing lists are in progress. Say it with me, peeps: C2 must pack light! C2 must pack light! C2 must pack light! *sigh*

Anyhoo, if anyone has any must sees for Copenhagen or Dublin, let me know. Those are the only places we will have enough free time to seek out stuff on our own.

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Help out a library!

In case you haven't heard, the Louisville Free Public Library had severe flood damage earlier this week. Shiloh Walker is heading up a book drive to help them out. Surf on over to Shiloh's blog and find out more!

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