Did I scare you? Huh? Did I??? You can admit it... Never mind. I know you were scared. You can't fool me. :D

I love Halloween! Any holiday that focuses on candy is FULL OF WIN, says me. It could be that I have already sampled a bit of my candy cauldron's contents... *bounces from sugar high*

And, if Halloween is here, that means that the holiday season is about to kick in big time! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then CHRISTMAS!! Suddenly I feel behind...

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Where has the summer gone??
My goodness, peeps, the holiday season is upon us. How did that happen?!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps!

And Happy Columbus Day to my American peeps!

My mother is visiting this week so we will be spending Columbus Day touring around the local Parade of Homes. Then, later this week, we will stuff ourselves at the local "Taste of" extravaganza. Wheeeeeeee!

What have you been up to?

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