Happy Halloween!!!

Be nice to all the ghouls and goblins, tonight!! This means share the candy with them, please! :o)

Since I like to be seasonally appropriate, I'm reading The Vampire Who Loved Me - excellent so far!! I'm just about 5 chapters in, though.


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For your viewing pleasure...
...I don't know who this guy is but someone posted his picture on Suzanne Brockmann's bb (in the weekly eye candy post) and YOWZA! Enjoy peeps!

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MeMe...it's all about ME!!
...ah yes, Mailyn tagged me! So here we go - Five Things About Me:

1. I get along with my parents. Sure they can get on my nerves faster than almost anyone but they've had years of practice! My best friend? My mom. :o) I'm the best daughter ever!

2. I am remarkably private...so don't you feel special that I'm telling you stuff about myself? LOL

3. I don't really care about the opinion of others...at least, not beyond a very select few and I only care about their opinions occasionally. Of course, I don't tell the opinion offerers that! I smile and nod and then go do what I want! :-D

4. I am a fountain of trivial knowledge. Seriously, do NOT play Trivial Pursuit with me...you are doomed! However, I am mostly hopeless with useful information. Whatever quirk in my brain allows me to remember that the diameter of a giant squid's eye is about one foot also keeps me from remembering the name of the lady I used to work with and saw at lunch today.

5. I graduated with a degree in Socio-economic Geography specifically geared to work in the tourism industry. Do I work in the tourism industry?? Nope. I work for the government (bonus fact)...but I do LOVE to travel.

So that's ME! Who to tag??? How about Marg, Stacy, and Devonna...and anyone else who wants to volunteer.


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Random coolness
Check it out, peeps!

Go here to see How Many of Me there are! Well, not me...YOU!

There are 91 of me!! LOL

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Well, Mailyn asked for it...
...so here are a few more vacation pics. Just shots I thought were cool or pretty. :o)

A copy of David that sits in front of Florence's city hall where the original used to sit before it was put in a museum (that was closed the day we were there). My mom is obsessed with David! LOL

The harbor at Capri. So beautiful there!!

The top of a temple (I don't remember which one) at Ephesus. It's Medusa, of course...our guide made a comment about how she was so feared back in the day and now she's the symbol of Starbuck's. :-D

Part of a statue on display in a museum at Olympia. The color is funky because the picture was taken through glass.

A statue of Achilles (one of many) at the Achellion Palace on Corfu. I've got front and back pictures of another one where he is more scantily clad...I may post those later. }:->

A cool view of spires and stuff, looking out one of the arches of the Doges Palace in Venice.

Have I convinced anyone to make their reservations yet??

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Just for Ames...
...here is the picture of Santorini that shows the steps people and donkeys can go up and down - it's the zig-zaggy thing. Just to the left is the cable car (think sky bucket things that are mostly gone from amusement parks) but no cars were on the cables when I took the pic.

Oh, and Mailyn - the drunken frat boy on my Vegas flight?? NOT cute and way obnoxious before he passed out. So not grope-able!! LOL

No more vacation pics, I promise! Unless there is something specific someone wants to see...just post a comment and I'll see what I can dig up. :o)

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Trip Report - part deux!
Okay the computer and I have rested and I finished picking my favorite pictures, so we're off again!

Our next stop was Santorini (Greek island with an Italian name, go figure). If you've seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, that's where Lena goes, I think. It looks like it, anyway.

Then we went to Kusadasi, Turkey - the gateway port to the ruins at Ephesus. Very cool! The picture is what's left of the library.

Our next port was Mykonos - in the morning we took a boat over to the island of Delos, the legendary birthplace of Apollo.

Then in the afternoon, we walked around Mykonos - beautiful! One of the places I would go back to visit.

Next up - Athens! The obligatory Parthenon pic:

Then on to Olympia, site of the first Olympic games.

Our last stop in Greece - Corfu.

Finally, the cruise ends in Venice - truly unique and beautiful...so you get two pictures! The first one was taken looking across the Grand Canal just at dusk (that's the moon, by the way). The other one was taken from our water taxi when we were on the way to the airport - the view of St. Mark's Square from the water.

That's the trip, gentle readers!

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Pictures! See the vacation pictures!
Ah, gentle readers, the Mediterranean is fabulous! I highly recommend cruising as the way to see it - you can cover the maximum area in the minimum time. Plus you only unpack once and *fanfare sounds* you get chocolate mousse cake three times in 12 days!!!

Anyway, I tried to pick my favorite picture (out of zillions, by the way) from each place we visited. So here we go -

Our first day was supposed to be spent in Monte Carlo but rough seas kept us out - they couldn't tender us in to shore - so we just sailed in a big circle and played on the ship.

So, first stop - Florence. It was bit drizzly but impressive!

Then on to Pisa - I didn't drink wine at lunch but things look a bit off, somehow...

Our next day in port, Capri - we loved Capri! So beautiful!!

Then lunch and shopping in Sorrento.

Finally, we ended the day at Pompeii - wow!

That's it for this installment - my computer is tired and so am I. More later!!

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And I'm back!
Sadly, a few days early. The day our cruise ended we got word my grandmother had passed away early that morning. She had been in a nursing home for several years and not very aware of her surroundings but it is still a sad time for the family.

I'll be off to the home area for a few more days and not online but I'll be back with a trip report and pictures (I promise not to post them all - yikes!).

Later, gentle readers!


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