Do I look like a lemming??

Like a gazillion other people, I'll be hitting the road this weekend for some wholesome family fun - AKA visiting the 'rents and fam. :o) Sadly, they still have the dreaded dial-up, so my surfing will be limited - plus, it's a holiday, people! Get out and eat a hot dog and some watermelon!! Ohhhhh...or fresh corn on the cob!! Yum!!

So, in the meantime - you can go here to listen to my favorite bit of patriotic music.

Ooooooh, look at the pretty fireworks!!

And to my Canadian friends - Happy Canada Day, eh? ;-)

Here's O Canada, too!

I'll be back next week with my thoughts on bad know that will be fun!

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Is it tomorrow yet?

Yeah, so...I didn't tackle the picture posting yesterday. Because I'm lazy. I'll admit it! I'm not too proud!! Anyone who ventures by my little corner of the blog-o-verse will soon notice that there isn't a lot happening over here...unless I manage to turn over a new leaf and get all industrious and stuff. Nah. It'll never happen. :-D

So pictures - I'm pretty sure I can link to a picture out on the internet but let's see. Here's something we're all looking forward to - coming to a bookstore nearby in September:

Yup - I thought I could do that one. Now let's see if I can attach the link...yup, that worked too. Cool. Nobody cares but me...but I'm easily amused. :-D

Now, let's tackle one from my computer. Well, it didn't go where I wanted it but it did upload and post. Hmmm...a new issue to ponder. Oh, and a little more about me - for those who require explanation (you are obviously NOT college basketball fans) - that is the logo of the Kentucky Wildcats! Even though I don't live there now, I grew up in Wildcat country. :o) If I am still blogging during basketball season, you'll get snippets of UK stuff. And comments against UK?? So not welcome!! ;-)

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Do you like my lab coat??
Just doing a little more experimenting with things...trying to learn about HTML tags, etc. A big thanks to the Ladies of Lallybroch for their handy-dandy HTML practice board's FAQs. :-D You Hosers ROCK!

See?! See what I did??? It's RED!! It's BOLD!! I linked to the LOLers!!!

I ROCK TOO!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I tackle pictures...


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Don't judge a book...
Those of you who surf around the romance novel portion of the blog-o-sphere know that there has been a bit of a dust-up about book covers (specifically e-book covers) this week. I don't want to bring down anyone's wrath on my poor baby blog so I'll just say this -

If this is the first time e-book authors have dealt with criticism of their covers...well, they are lucky, lucky souls. Because the truth is - many, many are beyond awful! But some are quite nice and if I were more of a blog goddess I would be able to post pictures or links to examples but there you go. I'm not. I'll work on it. :o)

Print authors have long suffered the horrors of the awful book covers AND the criticism that comes along with it. They know (and usually openly acknowledge) the awfulness but they have little control over the face that gets slapped on the front of their baby. If I were an author and got stuck with some of the dreck I've seen on the shelves of the local Waldens, I would probably pull my hair out!

I wonder if e-book authors have the option of creating their own covers (if they have talents in that direction)? I mean, it's a more flexible medium, if they have the no-how, why not?? I know some e-book authors do covers for others (Scott Carpenter, for example - his covers are excellent but I've never read one of his books)...but I've never noticed if they do their own. I'll have to check it out and post my findings.

Now, I'm the first to admit I have no idea what is involved in creating the cover of an e-book...but, based on some comments I've read during this week's discussions, it probably isn't like brain surgery. If someone were motivated, they could probably master the basics pretty quickly.

Ah well, my two cents...

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Slowly but surely...
Well, as you may have noticed, I added some links on the sidebar. Just a few favorite authors and author blogs, so far.

Next I'm tacklling posting pictures in blog entries. We'll see how that goes...

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Experimenting like a mad scientist
Okay, so why would the scientist be mad?? You'd think a scientist would enjoy experimenting, right?? Oh, I digress...

So, now I have a pet and a LibraryThing widget...go me! Have you tried out LibraryThing yet?? Ever so cool, I must say. I'll continue to search for other cool bits and pieces to decorate with. Plus I'd like a template with three columns...of course, I'm still learning about the two column format but I think three would be better. Don't you?

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Here we go...
So, this is my first venture into the blog-o-sphere...we'll see if it flies or crashes and burns. :o)

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