I am OUTTA here! Woo hoo!

That's right, peeps - it's time for vacation! So I'll be missing in action for a few weeks. Since I'll be at sea, internet access is painfully slow. We check our email but that's about all. I know you'll carry on fine without me but try not to have too much fun...or take embarrassing pictures, at least. ;-)

Hopefully I won't run into this guy...

...and this won't be an issue

...or this...

...and we won't run into...

...but running into this guy might be okay...

If you want to follow our route:

I'll see you in around Columbus Day, peeps!

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Review up at TGTBTU - Beauty and the Duke

What are still doing here? Go READ it!

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Review up at TGTBTU - The Infamous Rogue

Swim forth and READ it, peeps!

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Happy Labor Day!

May you celebrate by doing absolutely nothing. :-D


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And now for something completely different...
...enough of this bookish-ness (not that books aren't important) and stuff about my boring life (except vacay is coming - WOO HOO!). Let's talk about something even more important:


Wow, summer TV is nothing but bad. Pleh. The only thing worth watching was So You Think You Can Dance, says me.

But those long sad days of bad reality shows and reruns are coming to an end, peeps. And I, for one, say YAY!!

Some TV linkage for my peeps:

TV Guide's full fall schedule can be found HERE.

A calendar of season premieres can be found HERE.

Now let's talk about what I'm looking forward to ('cause, you know, it's all about me)...I can't wait for GLEE to come back full time! The sneek peek that aired after the American Idol was such fun! :-D If you have an iTunes account, you can download the GLEE cast's cover of Kanye West's Gold Digger for free right now. You know you want to. Also, this Friday, they are re-running the pilot and the cast will be tweeting along over on Twitter. I'll try to find a link about that later...I read it somewhere online yesterday. Fox is also re-running the Fringe finale this Thursday, supposedly, and the cast will be tweeting along during that, too. Follow @FringeOnFox to read along. However, my cable guide says some football preview is on this Thursday. Maybe that's just local? Yup, I checked...it's a local game. Ah well, I'll be on the road anyway.

What other new shows am I looking forward to, you ask? (I'm not linking everywhere because I'm lazy and the TV Guide pages have done part of it and Google is your friend) FlashForward looks very good, I think. Both because it sounds interesting and because Joseph Fiennes and John Cho are in it. Heh. Lovessss Joseph Fiennes! And John Cho is a cutie. And I'll be checking out Vampire Diaries, although my expectations are low. That's it for the new stuff I'll be setting the DVR for while I'm vacationing.

But what about returning faves, you might be wondering...well, So You Think You Can Dance is coming back for a Fall season, so YAY! And I'm looking forward to Dollhouse's return, as well as Castle (Nathan!!), Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and a few more shows.

What about you, my peeps? What new shows are you excited about? Any returning faves you can't wait to see? Don't be like this guy...

ETA: This is what happens when you post while under the influence of cold medicine. Don't do drugs, peeps! Heh.

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