I'm around, I swear...

My mom came back with me so she could rest after the crowd so I've been distracted. I've been zooming around a bit but not posting much. I'll do better.

In other news, my Christmas tree has lights and will get ornaments this weekend. Also, coming soon - my Christmas look (even though it won't be as cool as Cindy's).

Later peeps!

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Well, it's about that time...
...yup, peeps - I'm headed northward to the 'rents tomorrow after work (I should be packing!) so I won't be around much for the next couple of days. After the pre-feast prep, the feasting and subsequent napping, I'll be in and out. :o)

For all the American peeps:

For everyone else, Happy Fourth Thursday in November!! ;-)

And finally, will you look at this terribly disapproving turkey:

Yup, he knows what's on the menu...and he is not amused.

Later, peeps!

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What am I doing this weekend???

The same thing I do every weekend - TRY TO FINISH DECORATING MY CHRISTMAS TREE!

Don't you love Pinky and the Brain, peeps? I do! Did you know it's on the Cartoon Network again? Yup - weeknights at 8:30 Central, I think. Excellent!

Unfamiliar with Pinky and the Brain? Here you go:

What are your plans, peeps?

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A TV recommendation...
...so I'm taking a break from my tree-ing, peeps. And I thought I would let you know (I meant to do this weeks ago) that if you aren't watching Torchwood on BBC America - you should be! Any British peeps who might be lurking out there already know what I'm talking about and have seen the whole first season (fiends!).

It was spun off from Dr. Who. Now, I've never been a DW fan but I'm loving Torchwood so don't let that stop you from checking it out. Yes, if you start watching now, about half the season is over but BBC America is usually pretty good about marathons leading up to season finales so there will be a chance to catch up, most likely. And the DVD set of the first season will be out in January, too.

In other news bits, in case you didn't hear, AAR has the new Top 100 poll results up. I'll be comparing my list with the final results and reporting back in soon.

ETA: I counted up - 24 of my top 100 made it onto the big list and I've read about 74 (some I couldn't remember, one way or the other...so it may be more like 70). Eeek!

That's all for now, later, peeps!

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The plan...
...for the weekend is this:

Well, not the whole thing...just getting the tree up and the lights on. It's only 46 days til Christmas, you know. Not to send anyone into a panic or anything. ;-) And, of course, I won't actually have the lights on until after Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving is week after next! Where has the year gone, peeps??

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Ask me how smart I am...
...or how paranoid, depending on your point of view.

So, I was thinking about what a horrible thing it is too lose all your bookmarks, if your computer crashes, etc. And I always forget how to transfer them to a new computer. Plus, you know...I'm lazy. Whatever.

Anyhoo, I have a handy-dandy screen capture widget on my Dashboard and it occurred to me that if I opened up my "show all bookmarks" tab on Safari, I could capture it and save it as a document. Excellent!

I don't know if there is a Windows equivalent, especially in terms of ease, but capturing all my bookmarks took about, oh let's say, 2 minutes. Tops. Another reason Macs rule?? Yup, pretty much.

Wanna see an example?? Okay! :-D (Sorry it's kinda small - click it for BIG.)

Sure, there may be a gazillion other people who thought of this first but allow me to bask in the glow of my mighty brainpower for just a second before bursting my bubble. ;-)

Speaking of who may or may not rule...I love this commercial:

Kitteh from ICHC, of course.

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NYC Suz-fan peeps??
If you're out there and don't get Suz's newsletter (sign up for it on her website), she's doing a signing tomorrow night - with snacks! :-D

Here are the details, as copied from the newsletter:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 -- New York City
Time: 6:00 p.m. -- wine and cheese reception
7:00 p.m. -- Q&A and book signing
The LGBT Community Center
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-620-7310
Link: _www.gaycenter.org_ (http://www.gaycenter.org/)
Note: There is a $10 door fee for this event, supporting the Gay and
Lesbian Center. Books will be available for sale.
Another Note: Hey, I'm donating all the books and audiobooks for this
signing! ALL money raised from the sale of books in NYC will be given to MassEquality. PLUS the extremely talented Michael Holland, who is the audiobook reader for ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT and the official "voice of Jules" that echoes in my head, will be attending this event. Come and support MassEquality, buy an audiobook (or books!) of ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (at user-friendly prices) and get it signed by both the author AND the audiobook reader.

If anyone goes, try to find out who next summer's book is about, please. :o)

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All Through the Night and more...

...first of all, did you remember to turn your clocks back, peeps?

Let me mention that I loathe standard time. By the time December rolls around, it will be mostly dark when I go to work and completely dark when I come home. Blah.

Moving on to something much more pleasant - All Through the Night! If you're behind in the Troubleshooters series, be warned:


I think I mentioned, I received my audio book copy early and listed to most of it at the beach. Then I picked up my copy of the book on Tuesday, when it was released. Now, you know I don't do reviews (my lack of skills, let me show you them) but I will offer my thoughts.




Somewhere I read that it was a love letter from Suz to her fans - and it really is! Just seeing Jules get his HEA would be more than enough but we also get updates on so many other couples plus a hint or two at where things are headed next - and a few things to speculate about, too (this is Suz, after all...she does love to tease her fans). Still, the main and best part is seeing Jules and Robin soooo happy. Yes there are problems they have to deal with and issues to overcome but they do it together. The people around them may have some doubts about the relationship but Jules and Robin never do. Seeing them (not just Robin and Jules but all the couples) so together and happy after all the obstacles gives me hope for us all. :o)

As you may or may not know, Suz is donating all of her earnings (in perpetuity) for All Through the Night to MassEquality. I think that's awesome! And just one more reason to go buy the book, so get out and buy, peeps!

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Just tinkering a bit...
...to get rid of my Halloween goblins. :o)

Move along...nothing to see.


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