Just tinkering a bit...
...to get rid of my Halloween goblins. :o)

Move along...nothing to see.


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At 9:05 AM, Blogger ames

I like the leaves. Do they have a flavor? LOL!!

How you been C2?


At 1:46 PM, Blogger C2

Teh leaves...they haz a flavur. Teh pleh! LOL

I've been trying to catch up with everthing after the beach trip. You wouldn't think a long weekend would put me so behind on stuff! Dang it. I think I'm caught up, though...except for the stuff on my DVR.

How are things up your way? Getting cold?


At 8:36 PM, Blogger ames

Pshaw, I'm not even caught up from this summer. LOL

It's getting cold, but no snow yet. :P