Help a peep out!

So, in preparation for a long weekend at the beach (yup, I'm a traveling gal), my mother needs recommendations for suspenseful romantic suspense. She doesn't like to immediately know whodunit but she isn't big on blood and guts and gore and she doesn't like paranormals or things that are "silly" - for example, she considers the Stephanie Plum series too silly. What can I say? She's an odd little thing. ;-)

I'm headed to the UBS Monday afternoon so suggest away, peeps!

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At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Mollie

Maybe some Linda Howard's?F!.....Up Close and Dangerous, was pretty good. My favorites were Open Season and Mr. Perfect....


At 4:17 PM, Blogger C2

Hi Mollie - I think I have some LH in the TBR, I'll dig them out and see if she likes the look of them. :o)