Bwah ha ha ha ha...
...guess what I have in my hot little hands, peeps?


Yippee! Between finally getting this book (story to follow) and the new TV season finally starting, I'm a happy C2! :-D

The story - so I go to my B&N after work (after being unsuccessful in my hunt for Vishous this last week) and I still can't find it. Grrrr. I looked in all the "New Releases" sections, I looked in the Romance section, I looked on the end caps, I looked at all the dump displays...nothing. No V! So I asked at the desk and the lady looks it up on the computer and it doesn't say anything specific, blah blah blah, but she remembers someone calling about it earlier. Finally, a very nice trainee offered to go look for it for me and I'm all "Sure, great, thanks." And he is gone and gone and gone. But then - TA DA - he comes back to the front of the store with the book in his hand. It was still in the back, he said. Now, did I mention this was after work? After 5:00 pm CDT on the day of release and it was still in the back?? What's up with that?! There were book carts all over the store with books to be put out but guess what was on those stuff for the Bargain Books tables. WTF?! *calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean*

Also, thanks to the Smart Bitches, I learned that I missed National Punctuation Day, darn it! And Banned Books Week starts Saturday so get your reading plans in order. Remember, peeps, censorship is bad.

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At 3:26 AM, Blogger CindyS

Cracking up at your 'calm blue ocean'. Glad you got the book now I'm waiting to hear a scream - after reading a few reviews I'm scared to read the book. I like my head attached to my shoulders.



At 4:41 PM, Blogger C2

Cindy - I know! I'm scared of this book, too! Not that it's stopping me from reading it...I'm about halfway through, at the moment. :o) I've tried to avoid the online reviews - difficult since everyone and their uncles got it early - but the little bits that have managed to lodge in my brain haven't been good. Eek!