We interrupt your regularly scheduled discussion...
...for a brief message.

Yesterday was one of Suz's scheduled visits to her bulletin board (yes, I should have mentioned that before the fact but I've been dealing with the last of the lightning bolt's effects - hello there, new LCD TV). And one of the things she posted was an Afterword about Force of Nature. If you want to read the whole thing click --->here. If you hurry, you can read all the questions and answers before they scroll away (it's also archived - there is a link somewhere in one of the messages). However, I wanted to pull out one little bit - if you haven't read FON and plan to, be warned there are SPOILERS here. Highlight to read - I bolded the most important bit:

"...Just as I think there will be people who protest that Jules doesn't get to be the hero of his own book. That was a hard one for me, since it was part of my plan to write a mainstream romance novel with Jules and Robin as the main characters. (And yes, it was always going to be Robin, right from the start)..."

Yeah baby! I knew it!! I said so all along!!!! I'm brilliant!! And overusing exclamation points, sorry. ;-) For all you people who thought that whole thing was headed in a different direction - suckers! LOLOL

Okay, back to the discussion of authors whose styles have changed...

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At 4:30 AM, Blogger CindyS

Knowing that he did in fact end up with Robin will definitely make this book a sure purchase. If it had been Adam I would have had to end my love of Brockmann. So, at the moment she is only two books ahead of me - the last one I read was Max and Gina's soooo, I should wait a few more books.



At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Li

Hiya - came over here via Mollie's blog. Thanks for posting the link, that was really interesting and yep, I was one of those rooting for Jules/Robin from Day 1 :-)

And btw, I love your Snoopy!


At 4:51 PM, Blogger C2

Cindy - shame on you for reading spoilers when you're a couple of books behind! ;-) When ATTN comes out, you'll be three books behind.

Actually, on her board visit, Suz said that she's going to try to do 2 books a year now. She's pulling back on the promotion and stuff (duh, NYT best seller listers probably don't have to go all over to get people to buy their books). I say WOO HOO!

Welcome Li! Aren't Robin and Jules just the cutest couple ever? :o)