Fly by *zooming sound*
You know, peeps, I don't often post links over to teh Qte - even though I love it so. However, this post just makes me giggle so much. So go and check it out, why don't you?

Also, I've been tweaking the template. Something made it go wonky so I had to give it a tune-up. I added in a link (over there on your, your other left) to my Twitter page. sarcasm If you're curious about the glory and excitement that makes up my everyday life, trek on over. You'll be fascinated. Honest. /sarcasm

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Oh joy of joys!

There is was - waiting for me on my porch (with lots of other doing too much online shopping?? Never!) - Into the Fire! Yippee!

Come, my Snoopies! Let the dancing commence!

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My wishes were in vain, peeps! No Into the Fire on my porch today. *unhappy glare at porch* According to the tracking info, it was in Louisville around noon today so, my my calculations, it is somewhere in Tennessee now. Will it actually make it to my porch tomorrow? It better.

There have been some discussions about Ash's book around the blog-o-sphere. Anyone have any advice for those who haven't read any of the Dark Hunter series (looks at Katiebabs)? I say the early books in the series are better and more focused than the more recent books. Although, she seems to be getting things back under control in the most recent book. Not that it matters...gotta have Ash's book! LOL

Any thoughts, peeps?

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Let them entertain you!

Greetings to all the peeps that aren't away watching the new Batman movie! Are you craving some new, fun entertainment-like fabulousness - from the king himself, Joss Whedon?? Hie* yourself to Dr.!! Oh, all parts are also available for download at iTunes. You know, if you want to put it on your iPod or iPhone. ;-)

*hie - pronunciation: \ˈhī\; function: verb; definition: to strive, hasten; to go quickly

Also, a reminder (yes, I've been sadly lacking in my Suz news updates - but a countdown is right there under my blog header, for crying out loud): Into the Fire comes out Tuesday, peeps! All I can say is Barnes and Noble better have it on my porch when I get home from work...oh, I'm taking off that day for an unrelated matter. Duh. B&N, if they truly appreciated my business, would have ITF on my porch when I get home from work Monday. Talk about the best gift evar!

I'll be updating the "Patience is a Virtue" section later, too. And I almost forgot, I have joined the lemmings and am now Twittering. LOL I'm c2s over there so feel free to follow me through my incredibly boring days.

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Huh?? Wha...??
Did I miss anything important in the last few days? I've been busy playing with my iPhone working on very important stuff. What kind of very important stuff, you ask? Ummm. Well... *tries to look innocent and hardworking*


So, the iPhone is fab! All those things it does on commercials, etc.? Yup, it works just like that. Amazing! And all the cool apps available - excellent!

Plus, isn't it cute??

I got the white one but it is now wearing a pink flowered silicone skin. LOL

What's everyone else been up to?

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Yes, I can haz...
I know I've been a bad blogger. The 'rents were visiting so I was distracted.

Now, on to the important stuff - remember this guy?

Yup - I braved the wait (just a short wait) last night and now I have a shiny, happy new iPhone. Yay!

So, I'll still be missing a bit while I'm playing with my new toy but I'll be a good blog visitor even if I'm a bad blogger. :o)

ETA: I can totally post from my iPhone!! How cool am I? :-D

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To all my American cyber-peeps!

Happy Fourth of July!!

I'm roaming up to the home area this weekend - Friday would have been my grandfather's 100th birthday so we're having a family get-together. :o) I'll be in and out but mostly out.

In other news, any UK peeps (or cyber viewers) - don't forget that Saturday night is the finale of this season of Doctor Who. I am so excited!!

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To all my Canadian cyber-peeps!

Enjoy your day!


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