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First of all - remember Banned Books Week starts today!

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Hey, did you notice the cover changed from when I put it on my sidebar (I'll leave it there for a little while) to when it reached the stores? Hmmmm...I wonder why? Anywho, I'll try not to spoil anything here.

I tried to avoid all the spoilers and reviews until I read the book (difficult since everybody got it early except me!) but I've gone back and read a few now and I can see why people were unhappy with some of the things in the book but it still seems as if some of the criticism is a bit much. Things didn't end up like you expected them to? Well, after all the kudos to JR Ward for being different, do you really think you should complain about her coming up with some creative solutions to V's situation? I'm just sayin'...

First of all - man, this book is huge! 500 pages! Not that I'm complaining...why can't all the authors I like write books that long? And she's said that Phury's book (more on him later) will be long, too.

To continue - now, yes there were some things that I was less than happy with. The thing with Jane that led to the dilemma (talking in circles...who me?) just seemed so random, you know? Things were going along in a certain direction, or so I thought, until about 400-odd pages in and then POW! Could it have been handled differently? Maybe. Was it necessary? Only JR Ward knows for sure. And who I am to question the direction she takes her characters in her series of books? Certainly, if it were completely outside of everything we had seen up til now, I would feel justified in a bit of whining. ;-) But I didn't feel that way with this book. In a weird way it all fit in with the world she's building, I thought. I mean, it's a paranormal series, for crying out loud. The only person who knows what is and isn't possible in an alternate reality in the person building that reality. And that's not me...I just get to visit every once in a while.

Was I completely happy with LU? No. Even though I love Phury, I thought he took up a bit too much of this book (still excited about his book, though). Did I really understand all the stuff with the Scribe Virgin? No. But I've never really gotten that character and maybe I'm not supposed to.

Now, to end my ramblings on an up note - the things I liked: I thought the explanation/resolution of the relationship between Butch and V was excellent. I thought V's emotional awakening (for lack of a better word) was completely believable. I liked the glimpes of the John/Blay/Quinn (Quhinn?? whatever) friendship - they're the next generation of Brothers, aren't they? I liked that the Lessers were around less (heh! that one was too easy to pass up); for me, they are usually a bit too I really care why the bad guys are bad, if they aren't going to the redeemed at some point?? No.

And finally, a thought from someone on a bulletin board somewhere that is quite valid and deserves pondering. Since it has spoilers, I'll hide it. Highlight if you want to read it:

Someone offered the thought that having Jane be a ghost is the only way V will ever be able to touch her without worrying. If she was alive, he would always have to be careful of his hand. Since that issue is off the table, he can just be with her. And really, to me it is less that she is a ghost and more that she happens to not have a corporeal form (at least, not without concentrating) and that isn't an issue for her around V so, really, all the things are resolved nicely. Plus, since she loves genetics, don't we think she will play a large role in figuring out why there are so few babies born and so few survive? Since she's already dead, she can research for as long as she needs to.

Final grade from me: B (at least, that's my first thought and I'll stick with it)

Okay, that's it for me and my 2 cents. I think I need to find a nice, upbeat historical to read next. My palate needs cleansing. :o)

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At 3:05 PM, Blogger Dev

I'm still undecided on whether or not I'll read this series. I'm struggling to read SK's new one and I love her.

Glad you liked it though ~ I haven't read too many who did.


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Mollie

So I’ve only finished the 2nd book in this series but I gotta tell you I’m LOVIN’ it. Hardcore. All I’ve been seeing, much to my duress, are not-so-good reviews for LU. (And I’ve been reading all the spoilers too…which I don’t normally do) But all the bad press is seriously bumming me out! So, I’m glad you liked it! Hopefully I will too. This series and Nalini Sing’s Psy/Changeling series has jump started my interest in paranormals (I’ve been in quite a funk regarding para’s for awhile now.)

I’m really looking forward to Phury’s book.

And I’m loving the nex-gen "Brotha’s" :), although since I’ve only finished book 2 I’ve only met John. :)


At 6:42 PM, Blogger C2

Dev - I thought SK's newest was way better than the last couple, I have to say. Plus, it's setting up Ash's books, thank heavens! I think the series almost got away from her there for a little while but (hopefully) she's got it back on track now. As far as trying the Brotherhood books, I say go for it! They really are excellent - and look how long it took for big complaints to start. Five books in - not too shabby. ;-)

Mollie - yup, the Brothers and the Psy/Changlings would perk up anyone's interest in paras, says me. :-D I think people will look at LU with kinder eyes after they have time to process (and re-read, perhaps). Sometimes a mental adjustment is required. If you're up to Z's book next (my fave, I think), you've got some good reading ahead.

JR Ward has a message up on one of her many bulletin boards about the ending of LU. It helps explain things, I think. She wasn't so thrilled about the direction the story took either but she ended up happy with it.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger ames

This review was different! LOL

I also had to read the spoiler. Ugh, I guess maybe I like spoilers now?


At 8:54 PM, Blogger C2

Aw Ames - you know I don't do reviews. ;-) Sometimes I just try to organize my thoughts and post them. And since this book was getting so much negative attention, I thought I should say something.


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous bookreads54

I have just finished reading LU and was glad I got this post in my RSS feed (positive post). When I read this post I thought I had to comment as I agree with C2. I have read a lot of reviews and was a bit concerned of the negative feedback and was wondering if I would like the book. But honestly, I felt that LU did not need so much of negative feedback. For those who have only read the reviews and think they will stop reading the series, I think you guys may want to read the book first before you decide not to continue reading the series.
Regarding the ending of LU, I think J R Ward did give us a good book with a good ending. Ok not everyone would agree that this was a 'happy ever after' ending but I think LU required such an ending. I think the reason for such an ending was to make use of V's glowing hand. There has to be some variety and I think J R Ward is giving us this variety. I think she is exploring all the options.
I also think if Jane was to continue to be human then there would have been a lot of issues regarding her career goals. J R Ward has emphasised how ambitious Jane is and how she wants to move higher. Becoming the brotherhoods' personal surgeon would have helped but I think it may not have been enough for Jane's ambition. But on the other hand the current solution is something that will give Jane more satisfaction and make her feel part of the brotherhood. I think if I can accept Rhage's other personality then I can accept Jane being a ghost. I was glad that there were not many lesser scenes as I really don't care about them.
Some reviews state that the falling out of love with Butch and falling in love with Jane was not that very realistic. I don't know if I would agree with this too. I think Wrath fell in love with Beth quickly too and Rhage fell for Mary just by hearing her voice. Z was also attracted to bella very quickly too. I think that V's past was a factor for V's attraction to Butch and V/Jane falling in love process was not an issue for me.
I also like J R Ward's style of multiple characters in the book. It is a good way of bringing in more storylines and I think that's why her books are 500+ pages, but I only feel that a little more emphasis on the H/H would be good. (Like phury's story could have been a little less in LU) My only sadness about LU is that I felt that there could have been more of V and Jane's scenes (especially Jane's comeback to V's dominance - that would have been really good). I felt that I did not get enough of V and Jane's relationship and hope to see more of them in the other books to come.
So overall although LU wont be one of my favourites, I still consider it to be a good book and WILL NOT STOP reading the BDB series.


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Sandie

This book made me stop. Normally I re-read a book or books as soon as I have finished them.

This one, so I haven't. Give me time b/c I'm thinking about storylines and sequels for Phury and Revenge (spelled that wrong, LOL).

Thanks for the post about V, the hand and touching Jane without problems. That's a great point!

I am now pondering many other postings have declared her a pushover.

But, I wonder!



At 4:41 AM, Blogger CindyS

Okay, I glanced through your review and I'm thinking you're happy with the book so I feel much better. I'm going to go in with an open mind but I always have trouble when an author has to address the ending of a book in another forum.

It was like when Katherine Sutcliffe didn't end a book (she ended it but I was looking for the pages that were so obviously missing!) and claimed that everyone knew he was going after her so what was the big deal.


Apparently she wrote the sequel probably because of all the flack but I wouldn't touch that book with a 4000 ft pole.

Just saying ;)



At 5:34 PM, Blogger C2

Hi Sandie - I thought the whole business with V's hand needed a larger forum than the BB discussion (on a different author's board). It seemed like a very valid point. Actually, as I think on it, at least half of the folks over there liked the isn't anyone's fave of the series or anything but they didn't throw it across the room. I

I think Cormia has potential and it's good that she is so new to the human world because Phury doesn't need anyone worldly, after being celibate and slighly doped out for so long - assuming they end up together (and it looks like that is where things are headed to me). And I am looking forward to Rehvenge's (spelling??) book - even if it is going to be in hardcover, darn it all! Rehvenge is hot! ;-)

Cindy - I did like the book. The first 450 or so pages are excellent and the rest are okay. I think people are being to hard on JR Ward about the whole thing, really. Of course, maybe they're more hard-core fans than I am...more invested or something (maybe just more nitpicky LOL).


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Devon

I didn't have as many problems with LU as others did, but I wonder if its a) b/c I had low expectations or b)b/c I'm becoming less invested in this series :(

I liked the resolution of B/V myself. Didn't bother me. But the storyline that I think that you're referring to (was it the one that involved Phury?) drove me nuts. I hate the Chosen and it was all just sequel bait IMO.

Ah well, keeping my fingers crossed for Phury, b/c right now I don't know if I'm going to like it.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger C2

Hi Devon - I don't think I'm as invested in the series as lots of folks are...some people are way too into it all. Yikes. And yup, the Phury storyline was annoying. Plus, she has already said that Phury's book will be long. Good grief, how much more story does he have?! I mean, I've always been intrigued by him and the whole virginity thing and shooting off his leg but, for crying out loud, did we need so much focus on him in V's book?