Let's play a game!
Since I'm starting a 4-day weekend (w00t!), I'm in a bouncy mood. Apparently, that means I want to be snarky. LOL

I think we should play "Remember When" and wax all nostalgic and stuff...and if snarkitude ensues along the way, oh well. }:->

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I'll go first -

Remember when the possibility existed that Elizabeth Lowell would actually finish a series before moving on to the next one?

Now, before someone gets upset, she was an early fave of mine. I loved (and still love) her early category westerns (unfinished series) and her sci-fi stuff (unfinished series) and her medieval series (again with the unfinished!). Are we sensing a theme?? *singsong* I think we are. */singsong*

I have made my peace (mostly) with the fact that these series will never be finished but it still annoys me when it pops into the front of my brain. Perhaps I'll blog in depth about it someday. Hmmm...

Anyone else want to play? You don't have to be snarky. :o)

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