Okay, I'll do a bit of a wrap-up too...
...I wouldn't want to be left out or anything. :o)

In 2006 I read:

131 books (although this doesn't include ebooks or re-reads...so bump that number up by a good bit)
13 new-to-me authors (including some that are now on my must read list - like Nalini Singh and Anne Gracie)
57 contemporaries (28 of which were paranormal/fantasy)
51 historicals (29 of which were set in the Regency era)
14 category romances (amazing - this used to be all I read)
36 paranormals (assorted time periods)
15 books that I rated as excellent (including The Devil in Winter, Passion, and Much Ado in the Moonlight)

Hmmm...I must be in Cindy S's boat with the other paranormal sluts. Of course, I knew that about myself already but seeing number that back it up is something else.

I'm going to do better about keeping track in 2007. I used to keep track of the ebooks and re-reads and I'm going to again. Honest!

So, best new-to-you author you discovered in 2006? Mine (I get two...because I can): Anne Gracie and Nalini Singh.

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At 1:20 AM, Blogger CindyS

I'm trying to figure out my AAR reader poll ballot and realizing that most, if not all my 2006 reads were paranormals. Oooops. My ballot looks ridiculous! Looks like I have to branch out more. Or maybe that should be 'again'.



At 7:20 PM, Blogger C2

Expand your horizons!!! :o)

I love paranormals, though...