Guest post over at the Book Binge
The ladies over at the Book Binge are spotlighting Suzanne Brockmann and you know I loves me some Suz, don't you, peeps. So, of course, when Rowena asked me if I would do a guest post the answer was a great big YUP.

Go forth and read my brilliance silliness, if you dare (LINKAGE). And check back in all month for other Suz spotlight stuff.

Maybe if we all think positive and clap our hands, Holly will change her opinion of all things Suz? Okay...nah, that isn't gonna happen. But the rest of us can enjoy and torment her with the fabulousness of Suz! :-D

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At 11:11 AM, Blogger Rowena

Holly changing her mind about Suz? That's wishful thinking, I'd have a better chance of winning the Nobel prize..haha.

Thanks again for helping us over at Book Binge this month, you totally rock!


At 11:59 PM, Blogger Holly

Hey, if Obama can win it, who's to say you can't, Ween?

..but I'm still not changing my mind about Suz. lol


At 3:57 PM, Blogger C2

Hey now, Holly said she liked a Suz book - I saw the comment! I should have saved a screenshot. LOL