So, unless you live under a rock, you know that Apple announced a new tablet computer they are calling the iPad. Umm...really?? iPad??? That's the best name some of the most creative minds in computer-dom could come up with? Fellas, I have two words for you marketing fail.

Anyhoo, poor naming aside, it's a beautiful thing:

Now, many in the media and the blog-o-sphere have been less than impressed with the iPad (bleh). And no I'm not linking to any of them...jeez, peeps, haven't I told you to embrace the Google? I think some people are focusing on it as a direct competitor to the Kindle a little too much. Apple never said they wanted to sell an ereader...yes, they are setting up the new iBooks store. Because, of course people will use the iPad to read ebooks - just like they use their Macs, MacBooks, etc. - and Apple does love to sell stuff to people so why force people buy their books elsewhere? Apple is all about ease of purchase. :-D Also, anything that opens up more people to reading ebooks is a good thing, says me. I mean, honestly, before the iPod came along, how many of us regularly downloaded music?? The possibilities...I seez them.

Anyway, back to iPad vs Kindle - I have no real desire for a Kindle. I'm sure it is an excellent reading experience and Amazon has made it very, very easy for people to buy books for their Kindles. However, I am leery of anything with a proprietary format - which is why I only get the free stuff for the Kindle app on my iPhone. Until I have a way to have a book I can read wherever I like (on my iPhone or on my MacBook or wherever I choose), I think I'll pass. And yes I know they say they are developing a Kindle for Mac desktop program...I'm sure the announcement of the iPad moved that right to the top of Amazon's to-do list, don't you think? Heh. I also think someone might manage to develop a setting that will somewhat mimic eInk. I'm not a techie so I don't know that it's possible but it could be and those crazy Apple folks might just manage it.

Moving on - I think the iPad is for people who want something more portable than a laptop but bigger than an iPhone (or whatever other smartphone). Something that will let them play music, view photos and videos, read books, surf and play games - and hopefully do more than one thing at a time, for crying out loud. I think the iPad will be excellent for travel. If Apple does One More Thing (tm Uncle Steve) - I want a full blown version of iPhoto on the iPad. If they can manage to put versions of the iWork programs on there (and yay that they did that!), they can also manage to put iPhoto there soon. I know there is a Photos app but it seems to be geared more toward viewing and less to importing, setting up slideshows, etc. - things needed if you're vacationing and taking lots of pictures. And you know I love me some vacay, peeps. :-D I know there are other things people would like - an iSight camera, for example.

Well, there's my rambling take on the iPad (gah!), peeps. I will be waiting to see what the early adopters say about the iPad. I'm not rushing out to buy one but it's going on my Christmas list. By then, there should be an update or two that should make me a Happy Mac.

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At 10:38 PM, Blogger ~ames~

At first I was attracted to the shiny. LOL But I have a laptop and a dedicated e-reader, so that's all it is going to be for me for a while. I'll wait to see how later generations develop further.

But right now, I'm feeling meh about it.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger C2

Yup, I'm in wait-and-see mode. I want them to make it do MOAR!! :-D I don't have a dedicated ereader - mostly because I don't like one-trick ponies. Heh. I want them to do moar too. Greed...I haz it.


At 2:59 AM, Blogger CindyS

I've admitted to wanting one so I can look like Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek. Yes, I'm that shallow. And I think it's the coolest thing and I have no clue what it does. But it looks cool. Seriously. I see one in my future just so I can say 'tea, earl grey, hot.'



At 6:03 PM, Blogger C2

I KNOW! That the first thing I thought of when I watched the keynote - the little pad things the Enterprise peeps all carried around on TNG. :-D