So last weekend I met my mom and her sisters in Nashville at the Opryland hotel for some holiday fun. It was my first time seeing the hotel all dressed up for Christmas - WOW! We are talking serious decorations, peeps. I also did a bit of location scouting for the RWA 2010 attendees and tweeted my findings. ;-)

Check out some of the pics:

Umm...a river runs through it. Didja know?

There were bunches of huge trees but this was the only picture that didn't have tons of people in it, too. ;-)

The big main inside nativity scene - there was a much bigger one outside on the lawn.

Included in our package were tickets to ICE! - which was very cool (literally and figuratively). LOL This year's theme was Charlie Brown (the last few years it has been the Grinch). Amazing!

Popsicle trees!

The doctor is IN.


My sweet babboo! With the ice slide behind him. My mom chickened out so I didn't slide either. Booooo!

Yup, a nativity made of ice, too. You can really see how they put the huge sculptures together when the ice is clear like this.

Anybody else been doing fun holiday-ish things?

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