2007 by the numbers

Well, I didn't do the best job ever of keeping track of my reading in 2007. I completely lost track of re-reads but I know there were many! Still, here's what I came up with on the first-time reads:

Total books read: 98 (A bit low for me! Remember, there were lots of re-reads.)
Historicals: 30
Contemporaries: 21
Categories: 8 (How can that possibly be right?? Wow, do I miss the Temptation line or what?)
Paranormals: 19
Time travel: 2
Other (Fantasy, Mystery, etc): 18
Re-reads estimate: 35
New-to-me authors: 8 (a most excellent year for new authors - Celeste Bradley, C.L. Wison, Laura Lee Guhrke to name a few)

I didn't keep track of the DNFs either but I know there were a few. I usually manage to avoid those by paying attention to what everyone else says, though. :o)


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At 10:17 PM, Blogger ames

I should really do this. All I have is the final tally, not broken down. I'm lazy to break it down. LOL

And I agree, it was a great year for new authors. :P


At 5:21 AM, Blogger Stacy~

I am so bad at keeping track. I have my blog, but I don't review every book I read. Maybe I'll start this year....


At 9:13 PM, Blogger C2

I was so bad about keeping track in 2007. But I will do better this year. *she said determinedly*

I didn't even keep track of ebooks in the tally and I stopped rating about halfway through the year. I suck.