It's about that time...
...tomorrow I head north to the 'rents for Christmas. Wheeeee! I've wrapped all I can and bagged up stocking stuffers to take and sort after I get where I'm going. I have cookies boxed and bagged to take. Tonight I pack and clean my house (head over heels, it is!).

Am I finished with my shopping?? Nope. My mom and I will make a last run Friday and a sprint on Saturday. My goal is - if I go out Christmas Eve, I want it to be just for fun and not because I need to buy anything. Yikes.

I'll be checking in and out and posting if anything interesting (or interestingly wacky) happens. But, in case everyone is distracted and busy -

Happy Holidays, peeps!!

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At 12:38 AM, Blogger CindyS

Happy Holidays C2!! We're going up to Bob's family's tomorrow and I'm just not ready. We'll be going back up on Sunday so it's all good. Still, I wanted to have all the 'ferrying' of goods done by Saturday.

Have a safe trip!



At 11:42 PM, Blogger C2

Happy Holidays to you and Bob!

I'm not ready either - I was shopping today and am shopping tomorrow. That's it! I refuse to do any more until after Christmas. So there.