Somebody help me!!
I've landed in the SCRAPBOOK ZONE!!

I've decided to tackle the scrapbook project I've been putting off - it was my New Year's resolution to do this (yeah, it's July...shut up). I've only been putting it off since the fall of 2004. Well, really, only since spring of 2005 by the time I got all the pictures edited and printed. Shut up!

The scrapbook is of the trip my mom and I took to England and Scotland - which was tons of fun. I just haven't been motivated to scrapbook it shut up. But now we have our next trip planned...a Mediterranean cruise, how cool are we?? I have to do this before we go. Blah.

Did I mention I've never done any scrapbooking, really?? At least, not since college graduation stuff which was long, long ago.

And, yeah, the Bad Boys are still on the horizon. This weekend, honest!

***An update***

Well, I've done the first two days of the (2 week) trip and it's taken me 6 pages (front and back)!!! OMG! This will be the Scrapbook That Ate Cleveland! And I don't live anywhere near Cleveland! We're talking a scrapbook of Gabaldon-esque proportions! Yikes!

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At 10:18 PM, Blogger Suisan

I'm putting my forefingers in the sign of the cross and very slowly backing away.

Scrapbooks and I are not mean to be in the same room. Bad things happen when I attempt scrapbooking, like fingers getting stuck in scissors and rick-rack choking the dog.

But for all that, good luck with the scrabooking--let me know when you're done!


At 12:46 AM, Blogger C2

Suisan, come on over to the dark side *sinister laughter*, all the cool kids are doing it...

Seriously, I can see how people get so totally sucked into this...not that it's happening to me. :o) I can just see how people with LOTS of free time (and somewhat compulsive personalities) can spend hours and hours and hours doing it.

And, I've now done 4 days and it has taken 9 pages (front and back). Gah!


At 1:37 AM, Blogger Suisan

yeah, I need another compulsive hobby. uh huh.

Some day I've got to figure out how to channel the obsession various hobbies spark in me towards actually CLEANING my house.