On the road again...
...yup, off into the wilds for a family thing this weekend so I won't be around much. :o)

And for those who might be interested, the final scrapbook page count - 19 pages so double it and you've got 38 pages!! All I can say is I'm glad to be finished. :o)

A topic to ponder while I'm away - are there authors that you love and autobuy even though you recognize that he or she isn't really the best writer ever or perhaps just isn't to most peoples' tastes?

For example, I just finished Jennifer Greene's latest Silhouette Desire. Now, I love her and have for ages and ages. But I realize that her writing style might not for everyone. What I find light and fun others could find fluffy and silly. On the other hand, there is an author (I won't name names this time) that other people love that I tried to read once and couldn't get past the 25 page test. Her writing made my hair hurt. :o)

Any thoughts??

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