What? Where? Or, perhaps I should say, Who??
So, recently I read Nina Bruhns' The Rebel Prince, a Silhouette Romantic Suspense (how much am I hating the lines' name changes, btw?). And, yes, I know I need to update my sidebar...shut up.

The book was okay - not outstanding or anything but not a waste of time. But there were some issues that gave me some problems. The blurb, from eHarlequin:

Serenity Woodsen rushed to Charleston to send a con man packing. But the man who'd charmed her favorite aunt was nothing like she expected. Carch Sunstryker's regal bearing and blatant sex appeal were, well, out of this world. And practical Seri found her heart in danger of believing the impossible….

Prince Carch had come to Earth to save his family's throne. Revealing his identity to a human was strictly forbidden, and falling for one—that would be a disaster. But when Carch's enemies endangered Seri, nothing in the universe could keep him from her side.

So, that sounds fine, right? The tone was a little uneven - adventure? Star-crossed love? Woman dealing with her past? The language was a little old-fashioned. But the main problem for me was this - as I was reading along, I ran across the name of Carch's planet - Galifrax - and was yanked completely out of the story! Why, you ask? Well, I believe I mentioned that I have recently become a fan of Doctor Who and, as any faithful viewer knows, The Doctor is from Gallifrey. Let me repeat that, Gallifrey! So, every time I ran across a reference to Galifrax, my brain started circling around the whole name thing. Was it a tribute/nod/wink to DW? No mention in the acknowledgements. Is Ms. Bruhns a fan of the show? (I checked her website - no mention of Doctor Who.) Perhaps she has a brainstorming partner (who is a fan of the show) who gave her a name for Carch's planet without filling her in on the reference? Who knows? But, help me out peeps - the names are too close to be a coincidence, don't you think??

I started watching Doctor Who because of the Torchwood connection but I quickly came to appreciate it on its own merits. But why, you might be wondering, have I suddenly become a DW fan? Is it the galloping good stories, filled with adventure and fun? Yes! Is it the TARDIS?

Yes, that too (I would like one of my own, please).

Any other reasons?? Well, I can't really think of anything else...

Nope, nothing else is coming to mind...

It's just a really fun show to watch. ;-)

As far as any connection to The Rebel Prince, I guess it will remain a mystery. *sigh*

Anyone else ever had a small detail just drive them batty and pull them out of a story every time it's mentioned?

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At 9:42 AM, Blogger Nina Bruhns

Dear CSquared,
Thanks so much for your nice words about THE REBEL PRINCE! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Definitely not my usual style -- if you've ever read any of my other books, you'll know I usually go a lot more dark and angsty. However, this one was pure entertainment, for both reader and author.

A big part of the fun of writing THE REBEL PRINCE was planting little nods to the various outer space stories from my past. If you look for them, you could find five or six spots that should give you a giggle, if you're a space fan (the name Serenity ring a bell?). And yes, to put your mind at ease, Gallifrax was most definitely a wink at the esteemed Doctor. My Doctor Who is and always will be Tom Baker. Who could not love him, his scarf, his ascerbic wit and his handy-dandy sonic screwdriver? Perhaps I was channeling Tom when writing Carch's dialogue and that's why it came out "a little old-fashioned" (got to say that comment floored me)...? Or maybe I was trying to make my prince sound...well, princely. Don't princes always have better grammar than us mere mortals?

Anywho, thanks again. It was amusing that at least someone got the reference. :D

Happy Reading!


At 10:02 AM, Blogger ames

Cool nod to the show. Although I do see how not knowing could drive someone crazy. LOL But at the same time it's really cool. Like one of my fave authors, Robert A. Heinlein-Suzanne Brockmann mentioned one of his books in the Unsung Hero and I absolutely loved it-one of the many reasons I keep reading the series.

But recently, I read a historical novel, and the words night rail were constantly italicized. It about drove me insane!!


At 5:35 PM, Blogger C2

Hi Nina - thanks so much for the clarification! I knew it couldn't be a coincidence! I'll admit, I'm more familiar with the new Doctor Who but when I think of the original, I always think of Tom Baker and his scarf. :o) As far as the "old-fashioned" dialogue goes, I wish I had the book in front of me...it was only a couple of very small bits and I can't remember details of the scene at the moment. It probably was Carch being princely. LOL

I have read a couple of your earlier books and enjoyed them - I do love pirates so!

Ames - isn't it weird what catches your eye? LOL And, as far as weird emphasis goes (night rail??) - what's up with that?

The weird book thing that I always remember (although not the title) was a historical where everyone whispered everything. All the time. It was like the whole book took place in a library...but it didn't. :-D