Jiggety jig...
...well, it seems that I missed another round of unpleasantness in Blog-land while I was away. I won't be linking to any of it because, really, does that kind of thing need encouragement?? I say no. :o)

Instead, to spread a bit of good karma around the blog-o-sphere, I give you ten of my favorite books (maybe not my ten very favorites because that's too hard for late at night after travelling all day...just ten that I am always glad to re-read):

1. Hate the cover but LOVE

2. My fave of the "Heart" books

3. Gotta love Bobby Tom (and how cute is this new cover?)!

4. My favorite Rachel G

5. My favorite DH

6. My fave of Suz's

7. Even with all the recent wackiness, I love

8. Always a classic!!

9. Gadgets and gizmos and fun (oh my)!

10. Rothgar!!

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At 10:40 PM, Blogger Dylan

Ooh those are good favorite ten books!! I'm most partial to Zarek's book, Hot Target and Heaven, Texas..LOVE those books~so happy reading! ;)