I'm a bad blogger...
...I'm feeling much better, though. Still the occasional coughing fit but fewer and further between, thank goodness. :o)

Like everyone else, I've been watching the Olympics mostly. Yikes, I could never be an athlete like that. Jeez. I admire their stamina and strength of will, though. Me? I'm too lazy.

Speaking of watching the Olympics, who else has been enjoying the previews of the new (and returning shows)? It seems like so long since we've had real TV to watch. Stupid strike. (I know the strike was for a good reason and I'm glad the writers stuck with it, the executives were the ones I directed the stupid toward. Money grubbing weasels.)

I had a good spell of reading while I was sick (when I could stay awake) but now nothing is holding my interest. I hate that. I'm going to hit the special stash of books and see if that pulls me out of the slumpy slide.

What's everyone else been doing?

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At 7:15 AM, Blogger CindyS

Yay, you're back!! Glad you are feeling better and I'm already missing the Olympics.

Hope you find something to read - me not yet but people still coming and going around here. Ugh.



At 5:59 PM, Blogger C2

Yup - reading Suz's Body Guard (well, re-reading, really...but I don't remember it from before). :-D