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8.21.2006 there anything better than finishing a long-awaited book and being completely happy with the way it turned out?

I finished reading Into the Storm over the weekend and so enjoyed it! I won't try to review it for you...there are many others around the web that do a much better job than I ever would (plus writing a review seems a bit too much like writing a book report). Besides, I'm lazy!

Instead I will offer a few thoughts about the latest installment of Suz's Troubleshooters series:

> It was great to see so many old friends around! I think she handled the glimpses of previous lead characters very well. Readers always ask her what's going on with the other characters and this time she let us see.

> I thought Mark and Lindsey were a good match - in stature and in attitude.

> I am now completely intrigued by Izzy! I had never given him much thought...just, you know, "oh, that's an unusual name for somebody nowadays", etc. Who knew he would be so entertaining?! What an internal (and external) monologue he has!

> Was this book more gruesome than usual?? Yikes!

> I love the interactions between all the SEALs! You can tell Suz spends a good bit of time with some very silly men. :o)

> It's always fun to look for hints on whose story might be next (except those of us who lurk on Suz's bb already know) or not too far off in the future.

> There's never just one good story line - I loved seeing the whole Dave/Sophia/Decker thing unfold.

> No World War II sub-plot! The only one I really enjoyed was the one in Hot Target and I think that's only because it was handled differently (movie plot!!).

> We got a glimpse of Jules!

And speaking of Jules - thoughts on the short story at the end of ITS:

> I loved seeing Sam - even in such a difficult, sad situation. LOL

> I'm glad Alyssa has loosened up about their relationship

> JULES! He breaks my heart! I don't think I could ever explain how much I love this character! And there are bad times ahead for our boy (scroll down a bit for a conversation between him and Suz)...he has to suffer for his HEA, just like everyone in the Suziverse. The only reason I think I can stand it is because I know Suz loves him more than I do and will make sure he gets all the happiness he deserves.

> And foreshadowing much about Robin??? (Okay, maybe I'm just projecting how I want things to go...SO?!)

So, gentle readers, do you have a supporting character that you LOVE and so want to have his/her own story?

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At 10:14 AM, Blogger ames

I got ITS but didn't start reading it yet. Glad you liked it!!


At 6:01 PM, Blogger C2